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The Choosing Ease Podcast

A podcast for multi-skilled coaches and experts who are ready to leverage their unique expertise, create money overflow all while embodying ease. Discover how to stop forcing things in your business and start letting your natural life force guide you... so you can spend less energy, get bigger rewards, and make the kind of impact you were born to create.

Ep 10: Sales in a Sophisticated Marketplace with Sam Morton

Ep 9: Keep Serving Your Coaching Clients Well While Traveling

Ep 8: How To Integrate All Your Skills Into One Signature Offer

Ep 7: What throwing a birthday party taught me...

Ep 6: Inclusive Company Culture As A Growth Strategy With La'Kita W...

Ep 5: The Energetics Behind Attracting Clients

Ep 2: How To Embody Empowering Beliefs

Oct 25, 2023

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Your brain holds on to beliefs that secretly sabotage your goals. Let's dig them up and replace them with empowering beliefs that are healthy, aligned, and supportive... so you can finally be, do, and have everything you want.