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The Choosing Ease Podcast

A podcast for multi-skilled coaches and experts who are ready to leverage their unique expertise, create money overflow all while embodying ease. Discover how to stop forcing things in your business and start letting your natural life force guide you... so you can spend less energy, get bigger rewards, and make the kind of impact you were born to create.

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Ep 17: Business is a Spiritual Path – and Here's Why That's a Super...

Ep 16: Manifest With Ease: Future Self Meditation

Ep 15: Owning Your Story to Unlock Your Creative Potential

Ep 14: How Malou Transformed Drop-In Classes into €2222 Programs

Ep 13: The Kung Fu Principle: The Power of Strategic Timing in Busi...

Ep 12: Using Human Design to Lean Into Your YOUness

Apr 30, 2024

Ep 11: How Slowing Down Led to My Highest-Earning Year Ever

Apr 18, 2024

Ep 10: Sales in a Sophisticated Marketplace with Sam Morton

Apr 09, 2024

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