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Ep 9: Keep Serving Your Coaching Clients Well While Traveling



Discover how to deliver top-notch service for your coaching clients… while traveling to your favorite countries.

I recently took an extended vacation back to Bali (the place where my business vision started), and was able to join a week-long advanced yoga teacher training as well as get in some much-needed pool time and catch ups with friends. :-)

While I was away, my coaching business was still up and running. My emails were still being sent out. Content was still being created. And, most importantly, my clients were still being fully supported in the ways they have come to expect.

This hasn’t always been my reality. There were times earlier in my business when traveling like that and keeping my business running smoothly felt like they were mutually exclusive options.

If I wanted to keep my business running smoothly, I had to be there ... 100%. Otherwise, things would fall apart.

Thankfully, I’ve learned that doesn’t have to be the case.

There IS a way to be able to travel wherever you want in the world and still make sure your clients feel fully happy and supported.

Because I believe everyone deserves to be able to step away to take care of themselves (whether that means spending time with family and friends, doing a bit of business development, or just having some time to BE) without stressing about whether their business will collapse, I want to share the structures I put in place that enable me to travel to places like Bali, New York City, and Portugal for up to a month at a time — yet still show up for my clients in a way that makes them feel supported.

That’s what this episode of the Choosing Ease Podcast is all about — how to set things up so you can truly run your business from anywhere in the world … and feel good about it.

In this episode, I talk about:

  • Creating a personalized CEO schedule that strikes a balance between client work, behind-the scenes tasks, and your personal life.
  • Strategically choosing travel accommodations that have all the amenities you need to work remotely and show up for your clients.
  • My must-have tools for setting up a functional  mobile workspace so you can serve your clients … and get some great B Roll footage.
  • Tips for automating and delegating tasks so you know everything will be taken care of even if you’re completely offline.
  • Why NOW is the time to put automations, systems, and software in place so you can have the freedom and confidence to take extended vacations later.

If you want to be able to travel anywhere you want in the world, but still know with 100% confidence that your coaching business (and clients) will continue to thrive, then set aside 20 minutes because I’m going to tell you how I make it work … and how you can too!

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