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Being Multi-Passionate Is Your Super Power

Hi, I'm Relinde. I help Multi-Skilled coaches and experts elegantly combine their multi-expertise into a unique method & offer that makes selling and scaling easy.

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Rewire Your Brain For Ease & Prosperity

Your brain holds on to beliefs that secretly sabotage your goals. Let's dig them up and replace them with empowering beliefs that are healthy, aligned, and supportive . . . so you can finally be, do, and have everything you want.

Ready to leverage your expertise + make a bigger impact?

I see you. You have multiple certifications and qualifications under your belt. You’re brilliant at what you do (and have the client success stories to back it up). 

But scaling past 6 figures without sacrificing your sanity or joy feels impossible. Not to mention NEW limiting beliefs keep popping up.

You need a simplified, strategic path to the impactful, profitable empire you envision . . . so you can have the freedom, time, and money overflow to create a life that’s exactly what you want it to be. 

 . . . whether it’s sleeping in until 11 on a Wednesday, retiring your husband from the job he hates, joining a lunch-time yoga class or going on a month-long holiday while the money still flows in.

It's all possible. 

Here are 3 ways I can help you create your own easeful and joyful path to impact and profit.


Self Paced Course To Create & Sell Your First Embodied Premium Offer Through My Signature Resonance™ Process

Create and sell your first high-end offer that not only amplifies your revenue but also aligns with your soul's purpose. It's your turn to shine, confidently attract clients, and build the foundation for the legacy of your dreams.

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The ELEVATE mastermind

A High-Touch Group Program to Scale to Multiple 6 or 7 Figures With The Leveraged Expertise™ Method

Join a like-minded community of multi-skilled coaches and experts united in a simple mission - to amplify their impact AND income through high-touch, premium group coaching.

The ELEVATE Mastermind is the last business coaching program you'll ever need to completely transform your business.


EMBODIED VISION™ Certification Program

Master the Art & Science of Embodying Empowering Belief

A 3-month intensive program for coaches and experts who want to be able to dive deeper with their clients, help them profoundly shift the limiting beliefs that hold them back, and empower them to reach their goals faster than ever.


Integrating all parts of you into one cohesive brand and offer is the fastest path to profit.

I’m here to help you position yourself as the go-to expert in your industry, focus your energy, celebrate six-figure launches, work with the best clients, and live your purpose.

We do that by eliminating subconscious limiting beliefs, leveraging your assets, and owning your unique expertise . . . so that your clients come consistently and income flows abundantly.

Because I believe that when a multi-skilled coach like you combines their skills, passions and expertises into one integrated, high-impact offer - they are unstoppable. 

Let’s get to know each other better

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I went from breaking even teaching reiki courses to creating my own unique method . . . and a signature offer I adore.

 Besides making more money (a whole lot more!) through my coaching business, I’ve discovered my real magic! I no longer feel confused about how to use or market my many certifications and qualifications. In fact, I’m FINALLY clear on what I’m here to teach . . . and so excited for all the amazing things that are evolving.

Charlotte Taussig, Founder of the Mystic Psychology method


I’ve been launching for 9 years, but this was my best launch ever at $99k with a list of 93 people.

I doubled my revenue and created the signature program I’ve been dying to make for years. I’m doing the work I was literally born to do. My entire life has been simplified. I am no longer hustling at a gazillion things. So grateful for Relinde – if you're lucky enough to snag a spot in her program, do it!

Stephanie Carlin, Founder of Truth School


The Choosing Ease Podcast

A podcast for multi-skilled coaches and experts who are ready to leverage their unique expertise, create money overflow all while embodying ease. Discover how to stop forcing things in your business and start letting your natural life force guide you... so you can spend less energy, get bigger rewards, and make the kind of impact you were born to create.

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Free Audio Guide

Rewire Your Brain For Ease & Prosperity

Your brain holds on to beliefs that secretly sabotage your goals. Let's dig them up and replace them with empowering beliefs that are healthy, aligned, and supportive... so you can finally be, do, and have everything you want.