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"In 4 weeks, I made $4000 more in sales than I usually do...

Working with Relinde totally changed my energy, which led to immediate results."

Jitske Lochtenberg


Want to double or triple your revenue in the coming month?
Get My MOVE INTO WEALTH practice and Uplevel Your Energy TODAY

I help influencers and entrepreneurs break through their money blocks and hit the revenue goal they’ve been chasing for the last six months (or years!)…

…. but couldn’t reach because they missed a piece of the puzzle…

By offering specific routines, deep belief system shifts and energy exercises designed to help them nail their sales calls, FB lives, speaking gigs or launch their next big thing without burning themselves out (or being stiff and grumpy).

My bank account is eternally grateful to you!

I feel like this session completely realigned me, and transformed me from the inside out. It was the missing piece in me finally up-leveling my business and revenue goals. My bank account is eternally grateful to you!

Beck Keen

Brand Story-Teller and Award Winning Entrepreneur

Move forward

If you are an entrepreneur, I believe you want to move forward. If you want to move forward and you want to do it quick, effortlessly, really easy but with massive results than you should work with Relinde.

Alexandra Pinneger

Health Coach

$4000 in extra sales

In 4 weeks, I made $4000 more in sales than I usually do. And that wasn’t a coincidence. Working with Relinde totally changed my energy, which resulted in me showing up more present, relaxed and confident in my business. And in my sales calls. Which lead to immediate results.

Jitske Lochtenberg

Coach for female entrepreneurs with little kids, Van Droom naar Daad

Move into

Get My Free Personal Practice and Uplevel Your Energy TODAY

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Why ‘money blocks’ are not about money

"IF I MAKE HALF A MIL THIS YEAR.... The worst thing that could happen would be... [She sits with her eyes closed and takes a deep breath... and then says with a conviction: ] ...My husband will spend it all." "Right!" I say... "and imagine that happens... what's the...

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Mijn eerlijke B-School Review

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What if you could see yourself like this…

What if you could see yourself like this…

This is an open letter to the reader of this post.... And ask yourself.. how often do you talk to yourself in this way? This is what I see: You are a creator. Aka.. you make things happen that would not exist without you being here on this planet.   Sit with that for...

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El Pastèl es grande

El Pastèl es grande

 OR… WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU THINK YOU ARE TOO LATE AND NOBODY WANTS TO BUY YOUR STUFF Once upon a time, I had a Cuban boyfriend. He was a salsa dancer (of course) and owned one of the first Salsa Schools in Amsterdam. By the time I met him there were about 40 other Salsa...

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Move Into WEALTH

A Short Practice To Prime Your Body-Mind to RECEIVE

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