Package your wisdom,
design your scalable high value offer
and generate money overflow 

— with confidence and ease.

What If Impacting More Ideal Clients & Scaling Your High Value Offer Felt Light & Easy?


A lot of the time, when we know we’re great at what we do, but we aren’t reaching enough people or making the kind of money we know we’re capable of making, we tell ourselves that the answer is to work harder.

We believe that if we:

  • Post more often on social media
  • Send more emails out to our list
  • Create new lead magnets to give away
  • Send out more cold pitches
  • Write more blog articles …

We’ll get in front of more people and get more clients.

After all, it’s all about the math. Right? Do more work, get seen more, and get more sales.

It makes sense.

Most people think the answer to amplifying your impact and income is working harder (or shouting louder).

But the numbers are only part of the equation.

The other part is something a bit less tangible than emails, lead magnets, and blog articles.

It’s about YOU.

In order for your business to be successful and consistently attract the exact clients you want to work with, YOU have to be the biggest part of the equation.

And it’s not about things like your website and your branding materials. It’s about fully owning and embodying your expertise, packaging it up in a way that makes your ideal clients feel that “this is it” feeling deep in their bones, and making sure your entire Self (subconscious, energy, and body) are all aligned with your offer.

Until you align all of these things, it’s always going to feel like things aren’t quite right, like you’re being outpaced by others in your industry, and like you’re struggling to get (and stay) ahead.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

You CAN change that reality and break through to the kind of business and life you both crave and deserve.

That’s what I want to help you do.




Package your wisdom,
design your scalable high value offer
and generate money overflow 

 -- with confidence and ease.

In this intimate masterclass, you’ll discover how to:

1. Design Your  Breakthrough Profit Plan

Channel your authentic, intuition-driven vision for a signature offer you feel EXCITED about … so you can make do what you want money, impact more lives, and actually enjoy the whole process.


2. Become an Energetic Match For Your Vision

Discover how to dive into the most powerful part of your Self — your subconscious beliefs — and align them with your vision and offers … so you no longer stand in the way of your own success.

Find Your Embodied Message That Unlocks Easeful Sales

Stop dulling down your message and start letting your authentic truths come through … so you can attract more of your meant-to-be clients and help them achieve deep transformations.

Design your elevated vision to leverage your unique expertise and generate money overflow - while embodying ease.


I went from breaking even teaching reiki courses to creating my own unique method... and a signature offer I adore.

Besides making more money (a whole lot more!) through my coaching business, I’ve discovered my real magic! I no longer feel confused about how to use or market my many certifications and qualifications. In fact, I’m FINALLY clear on what I’m here to teach . . . and so excited for all the amazing things that are evolving.

Charlotte Taussig, Founder of the Mystic Psychology method

Hi, I'm relinde, 

I’ve helped hundreds of multiskilled coaches and experts all over the world not only become well-paid go-to experts in their industry,

but also do beautiful things like triple their income, retire their husbands from jobs they hate, and create simplified businesses that make them feel like they’re actually living in their purpose.

We do all of this by eliminating subconscious limiting beliefs, fully embodying their unique expertise, and leveraging their assets … so their clients (and income) start to flow with ease and abundance.

My clients are proof that when multi-skilled coaches (like you) combine their skills, passions, and expertise into one integrated, high-impact offer … they become unstoppable.

"My first 9000 euro month felt just so good and empowering. It was easier, more fun and better than I could have ever imagined. Went out to celebrate with my husband!"


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