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Former Pro Dancer, Energy Expert and creator of the Aligned Business Method, and here’s what I know: Having a successful dream-business, making the money you want to make, is directly related to YOUR ENERGY. 

When you align your body, mind and energy with your business, you and your biz become INVINCIBLE.

If you feel you can’t break through that next income plateau (from 5K to 20K months? From 30K to 50K? What is it for you?..)

. Feeling STUCK (and in your head)…

… then instead of buying another shiny course, a new computer, invest in more FB Ads – all you might need to do is get out of your chair and get your Body and Energy MOVING.

Whaaaat? HOW can that help my biz?

Let me explain.

When I transitioned from dancing professionally into an online business, I got into ‘normal human’ mode (are we humans, or are we dancers?) – which means – I believed that it was no longer needed to make my Body Mind Energy my first priority – because I wasn’t dancing on stage anymore.

Oh my did that backfire on me! Soon I had lower back pain, found myself eating too much chocolate to stay focused and started to overthink almost everything.(Recognize that…?!)

That’s when I realized that I could use all my professional dancer habits and techniques to be High Performing in my online business.

On top of that, I found out that it were my Subconscious Belief Systems that were holding me back. In my years in Bali, I studied intensly with the best teachers on how to remove limiting beliefs and replace them with positive ones, on a psychological ánd energetic level.

 I developed the ‘Money Flow Method – where I deeply work on Body, Mind and Energy principles.

It is my mission to get world-changing entrepreneurs like you, ready to MOVE INTO WEALTH, by running a fulfilling business with fun and ease.

I will show you the Habits, Moves and take you through Deep Subconscious Reprogramming (and help you figure out what stands in the way of the success and growth you want) – so you can start feeling less stiff, reduce your anxiety and fatigue, and MOST IMPORTANTLY… become that unstoppable force of JOY you know you can be.

The money is pouring in by ten-thousands

“After working with Relinde I instantly got the idea for what will turn out as my first 6-figure launch – And the money is pouring in by the ten-thousands!”

Merel Kriegsman

High End Business Mentor and Copy Expert


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