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Ep 12: Using Human Design to Lean Into Your YOUness


Let’s talk about the concept of ease and what it does NOT mean.

For some, ease may mean that things are always easy.

That they never have rough moments or go through things that are hard.

They imagine a life that is free of anything they don’t want, don’t like, or can’t cope with.

Here’s the thing, though, ease is NOT the same as easy.

Ease, as a verb, means making things less difficult or less painful.

To do something that allows life and events in it to flow smoother, better, and more freely.

I recently had an insightful conversation with the lovely Megan Seamans, who has helped hundreds around the globe through her work as a Life Coach, Energy Coach, and Human Design Guide.

Megan said something during our conversation that resonated so deeply with me:

“Ease is just creating that flow in your life. It's not about ‘life is going to be easy all the time’. But I do truly believe that even in our hard seasons, even in our heavy seasons, that we can have ease. We don't have to have excess pressure. We don't have to feel like we're going to burn everything to the ground just because life gets a little lifey. Because life WILL keep doing that and we can have ease and flow along the way.”

And that was just the first of many beautiful insights Megan shared with us.


In this episode of the Choosing Ease Podcast, we talk about:

  • The ironic magic of leaning into the uneasy feelings we usually try to get away from in order to get back to a state of ease and a simple journaling exercise to help you do that
  • A breakdown Human Design, the 5 types, how it can help you lean more into your YOUness, and how coaches can use their knowledge about Human Design to serve their clients on a deeper level
  • Something I learned about myself as a Manifesting Generator that has played a huge role in how I view (and run) masterclasses
  • The concept of Human Design shadows and the POWERFUL belief Megan has around spaciousness and allowing people to come to important realizations in their own timing
  • The somatic connection between Human Design and energy work and how to connect the “in your head” nature of Human Design to your body and sensory feelings
  • What happens when you not only listen to your intuition or inner voice, but also start saying YES to it

My conversation with Megan was so good that I didn’t want it to end. I’m sure you’ll have the same experience! There are so many wonderful takeaways waiting for you.

Tune in to the full episode.

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