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Ep 15: Owning Your Story to Unlock Your Creative Potential


In this episode I was joined by the lovely Valentine Giraud for a discussion about the transformative power of owning your story.

Valentine is a social artist, creative coach, storyteller, and globetrotter whose mission it is to help high-impact leaders align their purpose, intent, and impact.

She does this by empowering them to unlock and explore their creative potential, go on a journey of deep self-discovery, and full live out their authentic narrative... so they can embody their soul’s purpose and make a more meaningful impact in their community.

At the root of what Valentine does is the belief that creativity is a powerful tool we can use to tap into the language of the Soul and discover our true purpose.

Which means that once you embrace OWNING and TELLING your stories, you’ll naturally attract the very people who need the message (and transformations) you’re here to share.

During our conversation, we talked about:

  • Valentine’s journey of discovering the importance of owning her narrative … and how it has shaped her career and personal growth
  • Why updating your story to reflect your current values and aspirations can realign time and space … opening you up to new opportunities
  • Jungian Psychology and how its tools (such as the subconscious, dreamwork, and synchronicities) can help us connect with our inner selves … and manifest our boldest ideas
  • Creative practices for self-discovery you can use to become more in tune with your psyche … and reveal your true purpose

Valentine's approach is a beautiful combination of deep introspection and practical creativity that offers all of us a unique path to self-discovery and empowerment.

She’s a prime example of the magic you can create when you fully embrace ALL of your skills and passions and then show up in the world, ready to serve!

So, whether you want to elevate your personal brand, connect more deeply with your audience, or simply find more meaning in your everyday life, this episode is a must-listen.

Tune in to the full episode … and start owning your story like never before.

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