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Ep 6: Inclusive Company Culture As A Growth Strategy With La'Kita Williams

In this episode, I’m joined by La’Kita Williams, Culture Strategist and founder of CoCreate Work, a consulting and leadership development company. La’Kita works with founders, small business owners, and organizations to design, create, and lead innovative, purpose-filled workplaces through her signature framework — The 5 Components of InclusiveCulture©.




We explored the importance of building a strong team you can depend on . . . and of creating a company culture that makes working with them feel like a partnership.

Here’s a sneak peek at what we covered:

  • The very real benefits of hiring PARTNERS and not just employees or subcontractors . . . and how to make them feel like you’re just as invested in their success as they are in yours.
  • The AHA moment started her on this path of showing people how they can have tremendous success but also center support and wellbeing for their team.
  • One common belief entrepreneurs have around hiring a team that holds them back from hitting their goals as fast as they could.
  • Why you should be thinking about your company culture from day 1 . . . and the 3 questions you should ask yourself.
  • How to handle hiring when you have a small budget, how to take it seriously so you find the best fit, and how to coach them to be the perfect fit over time.
. . . and so much more!
Tune in to check out the full conversation.

I hope this episode changes the way you look at team-building . . . and helps you get a jumpstart on creating a company culture that takes your business to new heights.

Stay tuned for more enlightening episodes as we unravel new insights, strategies, and stories to help you easily manifest your dreams. Until next time, keep choosing ease!


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