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Ep 13: The Kung Fu Principle: The Power of Strategic Timing in Business


Let’s dive into the strategic timing of your business and why focusing on the basics over the shiny objects is key to your success!

When you’re trying to elevate your business,  it’s only natural to look to those who've achieved the success you aspire to.

You're drawn to polished websites, captivating photos, and highly sought-after courses that seem to captivate their audience effortlessly.

So, naturally, you follow suit, meticulously following expert advice to replicate their results.

However, despite your best efforts, the outcomes often fall short of expectations.

It's disheartening, and frankly, it hurts me to see it happen to hidden gems who genuinely have so much to offer the world.

Because I understand the toll it takes.

You've invested considerable time, energy, and money only to feel like you've somehow missed the mark.

Perhaps you even blame yourself for the lackluster results.

But what if I told you that the problem might not be WHAT you're doing, but rather WHEN you're doing it?

In this week's episode of the Choosing Ease podcast, we discuss:

  • The profound lesson of timing (inspired by Kung Fu philosophy) and its relevance in business.
  • The common misconception is that success begins with investing in flashy marketing assets like websites and funnels.
  • How prioritizing foundational elements before diving into marketing assets can pave the way for greater success.
  • The 3 crucial steps you should focus on to achieve sustainable multi-6 and 7-figure results, all without starting with a website.

Don't miss out on this insightful episode that could transform your approach to business.

Tune in now to unlock the secrets of business success through strategic timing.

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