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Ep 11: How Slowing Down Led to My Highest-Earning Year Ever




Let’s talk about “slowing down to speed up” and how it can help you grow your business in a way that feels more easeful and aligned.

Ever feel like you’re putting in all this effort to get to the next level of your business (whatever that may look like for you), yet no matter how hard you work, you can’t seem to get past this annoying plateau?

It’s so frustrating to feel like all your hard work - all the blood, sweat, and tears you pour into your business - boils down to, well, not quite nothing, but definitely not what you were expecting.

I can relate!

I got to a point in my business where things were going well from the outside looking in. But from the inside, I knew in my bones that I needed to slow down.

Not just because I was (I’ll admit) feeling overworked, but because it felt like things were a bit off.

I loved aspects of my business especially my clients and helping them get beautiful results in their businesses and lives. But I knew that things weren’t quite the way I had envisioned them to be.

So, I listened to that inner voice and decided to do two things:

  1. Slow down. A lot.
  2. Go back to basics and foundation of my business so I could fix what needed fixing and get back on track.

The result: I had my slowest year ever. And my biggest year ever!

You read that right. I slowed down, worked on my foundation, and ended up having my biggest revenue year.

Plus, my personal life was filled with way more ease (which feels wonderful!)

The takeaway?

Slowing down can actually help you speed up in your business AND personal development.

In this episode of the Choosing Ease Podcast, I share my personal journey of slowing down in my business to ultimately speed up.

I explore the struggles that so many face with the concept of speed in their business, the resistance we have to slowing down, and how embracing it can lead to significant growth in not only your business development, but in your personal life.

You can hear all the details when you tune in to the full episode.

In it, I talk about:

  • My decision to go back to the basics and foundation in my business and how that resulted in me having my best revenue year ever (plus an amazing start to 2024)
  • How this slowing down process actually led me to fully revamp big parts of my business including my curriculum and funnel
  • The important role that going inwards, addressing limiting beliefs, and doing deep inner work played in this process
  • How to check in with yourself so you can make decisions that are aligned with your vision (this is a biggie!)
  • The power of honing in on your vision, trusting the process, and avoiding shiny objects that get in the way of what you’re trying to achieve
  • How “slowing down” can mean different things for different people and some of the ways it manifests itself

Ready to embrace the principle of "slowing down to speed up" in your own life and business?

Listen to the full episode for more insights and actionable advice on how slowing down can actually help you speed up in your business and personal growth journey.

Tune in to the full episode.

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