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Ep 21: Breaking Free from Limiting Beliefs and Doubling Revenue: Adina’s ELEVATE Success Story


"How can I sell to people if I don't feel that I'm good enough at doing these things?"

Meet the amazing story of badass human design coach Adina Kroll.

When she first joined the ELEVATE, she was at a point in her business (and life) where her confidence was at an all-time low. She felt like everything was going wrong and was honestly going through a huge identity crisis about whether she had what it took to make things work.

She was also plagued by what she calls “a plethora of beliefs” that were keeping her stuck and disempowered. She felt like she was a perpetual disappointment, that she was a failure, and that earning a lot of money was a sign of arrogance (to name a few of her limiting beliefs).

But she had a big dream for her life…. and felt that if she was going to make that happen, she’d need some support.

Adina is an amazing soul who I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know and working closely with for many years in multiple capacities. She serves as a Sales and Human Design Coach, helping break free of one-size-fits-all systems (that never actually fit everyone) and create a way of doing business that works for them!

Adina dived headfirst into ELEVATE and we started doing some really deep energy and mindset work that helped her have breakthrough after breakthrough... on so many different levels.

During our time together, she:

Shifted some deeply-rooted limiting beliefs and replaced them with empowering beliefs (such as “I am wise, I can trust myself, and my words are powerful”)

Nailed her core messaging so she could stand out from the crowd and shine in her own unique way

Launched and sold out her group program after sitting on the idea for 2 years

Doubled her revenue while ONLY working with her ideal clients

And she’s been unstoppable ever since!

I’m so grateful that our paths have crossed in such a beautiful way, and I love seeing even more amazing things unfold in her life.

This is genuinely why I do what I do.

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