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Ep 14: How Malou Transformed Drop-In Classes into €2222 Programs


Let’s talk about what it takes to go from being stuck in that feast-or-famine cycle to finally building a business you love that brings in all the cash flow you desire for your life.

I recently had a conversation with Malou Swart, who is well on her way to graduating from my Elevate Mastermind, about her journey thus far and her story is one that even she finds inspiring.

In fact, during our sit-down, she admitted that she would have loved to hear her success story when she got started because it would have let her know that anything is possible.

Malou’s story has seen her:

  • Go from hosting €10 drop-in classes to creating and booking out a €2222 1:1 program in just 8 weeks
  • Trade unpredictable cashflow for consistently high income months
  • Expand her suite of offers to include a membership, courses, and even in-person retreats
  • Earn enough money so that her husband could quit his job, spend more time with their kids, and help run her now-thriving music business

In short, she went from struggling to keep her business afloat to running a business she not only loves, but that was profitable and supported the kind of life she truly wanted for herself and her family.

In the latest episode of the Choosing Ease Podcast, Malou and I talked about:

  • The power of focusing on delivering a transformation for your clients and not just delivering a service
  • The impact that your mindset has when it comes to everything about your business — from the services you offer to the prices you demand to how you show up and share your message
  • How shifting your mindset, your limiting beliefs, and your messaging can be the key to attracting high-end clients you love to work with
  • Embracing experimentation by being unafraid to try new things in your business and how that can open doors to limitless possibilities you may have never imagined

If you’re a multipassionate coach, course creator, or expert who feels stuck, uninspired, or confused about what to do now to get your business to the next level, I invite you to tune in to this conversation with Malou and I. You just might walk away with a new lease on your business and life!

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