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Why ‘money blocks’ are not about money

Why ‘money blocks’ are not about money

"IF I MAKE HALF A MIL THIS YEAR.... The worst thing that could happen would be... [She sits with her eyes closed and takes a deep breath... and then says with a conviction: ] ...My husband will spend it all." "Right!" I say... "and imagine that happens... what's the...

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Mijn eerlijke B-School Review

Ben jij nieuwsgierig naar B-School? Denk je erover om B-School te doen? Hier is mijn 100% eerlijke review over B-School, plus antwoorden op jouw meest gestelde vragen.   Ik krijg krijg vaak vragen over B-School van Marie Forleo, dus hierbij mijn 100%...

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What if you could see yourself like this…

This is an open letter to the reader of this post.... And ask yourself.. how often do you talk to yourself in this way? This is what I see: You are a creator. Aka.. you make things happen that would not exist without you being here on this planet.   Sit with that for...

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El Pastèl es grande

 OR… WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU THINK YOU ARE TOO LATE AND NOBODY WANTS TO BUY YOUR STUFF Once upon a time, I had a Cuban boyfriend. He was a salsa dancer (of course) and owned one of the first Salsa Schools in Amsterdam. By the time I met him there were about 40 other Salsa...

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How aunt Betsie is keeping you from the $$$

Let’s say, you want to make 200K this year. You’ve got the funnel. The *gasp, that’s so much money* business coach. The offers. But for some reason - despite the new, fancy branding pics - it’s not happening. And you don’t know WHY (otherwise you would fix it,...

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What other people might think…

"I see you doing your FB Lives and I am so annoyed by them..." ...said my friend-since-20-years when we finally had time to grab a coffee I’m back in Amsterdam, after living the Digital-Nomad-Life for 4 years, my life has changed, I am running a successful online...

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What Lady Gaga taught me about perfectionism

Last week I saw 'A Star is Born' in the cinema It was soo good!!! It had been a while that I was so moved by anything in the cinema. During and after the movie I just couldn't stop crying. (And not only because of all the obvious reasons.) What hit me while seeing...

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You don’t need more PREP – You just need to show up

It was the summer of 2005. I finally got to choreograph an hour-long performance for an audience of 800 people. I had been waiting for this opportunity for years. And there I was, crying, panicking - telling myself that I had been crazy to request this much - to think...

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When you can’t choose (but you can’t do it all either)

"I don't want to choose, because all of this makes who I am!" ...she said, and I saw her being torn apart from the inside. Watery eyes, red cheeks… getting ready to defend her oh so valuable imperium of the different projects and businesses she has going on. My heart...

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