I am dedicated to help you feel empowered and inspired through movement. My powerful blend of contemporary dance, ballet, yoga and chi kung will help you connect with your body, mind and soul. The exercises are designed to get you moving anytime, anywhere.

Yoga Dance class for Flow

Yoga Danza is a mix of dance and yoga. I have developed it in Bali, when I was teaching in a yoga studio. It is my favorite practice, since it combines flowing movement, improvisation, full body workout and yoga asanas. Well.. what better to do then just to try it...
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The art of making things important

As I speak another big ceremonie starts, here in Bali. I can feel the raised energy already. The signs in the street are clear, fully dressed up man enter tempels and the normal offerings on the ground are more than average. I feel I want to join. I want to be there,...
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How to maintain a personal practice in a busy life

Wake up and dance Dancers always prepare for their day with a ballet training, or another type of training. There is a ritual to it. You wake up and dance, you wake up and move, you wake up and you connect to your body and mind. There is nothing better than starting...
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The secret to an inspired day – every day

One of my biggest fears is losing inspiration – to be bored and utterly careless. As an artist, an entrepreneur and as a human being, inspiration is a vital life force for me. When I feel good, I am naturally all of the time. I am inspired by things I see around me,...
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How to do yoga with your kids

How can you do yoga with your kids? Kids love to play and they love to move. And it surprises some people, but they love to meditate too. Kids love to move Make the yoga mat a play ground. It is a fun little area to move around on. You can play games with your kid...
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Why Chi Kung is awesome for Yogi’s and Dancers

When I first met my Chi Kung teacher I just finished dance academy and started a yoga teacher training. I thought I knew everything about movement and nobody could teach me something new. My morning practice consisted of the primary Ashtanga series or a ballet class,...
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