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I now make 17k+ a/month, consistently

Jitske Lochtenberg, founder of the 'easy way to 100k' mastermind

Joining ETA transformed my business. I already had some really good years, yet I still experienced ups and downs. I wanted more consistency, consistency in revenue, new clients, and energy and flow. Relinde helped me create my method, find my one thing, and helped me transform some deep, deep, limiting beliefs. My revenue goal was 100,000 euros, and after two months, I had already hit the 70k mark.


I am now fully booked with ideal clients.


I have a background in marketing, and when I came to Relinde, I already had 10,000+ followers on YouTube, but Relinde was the guide that helped me to step into the next level of my visibility and success. I was overworking and undercharging before I worked with Relinde. I now have raised my prices and have high-end clients. Relinde has guided me through my limiting beliefs and held space for my transformation. I am now fully booked with ideal clients. Working with Relinde is a true transformation on a really deep level.

We released limiting beliefs on the spot

Merel kriegsman, business mentor

I had all the subconscious stories that were running in the background. My decision making, how I showed up, whether I showed up… . I was in the way of my own next level of success. Relinde found the limiting beliefs we needed to work on right away and released it on the spot which was incredible. Working with Relinde is going to shift things for you massively, by doing deeply internal work, I can’t recommend her highly enough.


I am now booking 11k months

Rosa Heart, founder of the iconic voice method

I was in a place where I had had my business for about a year or so, but I wasn't making any money, like very little, and it wasn't consistent. So after joining ETA, I created my high-end offer, and three weeks later I sold my first package 3.5k one-on-one coaching package. I have 10x my income and I continue to release my own artistic work.

This was my best launch ever at 99k

stephanie carlin, founder of truth school

I’ve been launching for 9 years, but this was my best launch ever at $99k with a list of 93 people. I doubled my revenue and created the signature program I’ve been dying to make for years. I’m doing the work I was literally born to do. My entire life has been simplified. I am no longer hustling at a gazillion things. So grateful for Relinde -- if you're lucky enough to snag a spot in her program, do it!


I replaced my salary as a MD

willemijn maas, online business & launch manager

Before I started working with Relinde, I was running a business that wouldn't get the results it should have. Through the belief work I did in Relinde's program, I learned that what I was doing wasn't in my zone of genius. I completely changed my target audience and offers, and within a couple of weeks, I had paid & ideal clients just booking my services on my website!

I tripled my revenue by releasing blocks

becky keen, business & mindset coach

I would just not get past 10k months. During our session, Relinde 'reprogrammed me'. And within a few days of our session together, I hit 25k and more. It allowed me to shift my earning capacity and what it means to be super successful and profitable as a business owner. I couldn't have done this without Relinde, and she is my go-to energy expert. So, jump in with both feet; you will not regret it.


In one year to (nearly)6-figures

kim kiel, copy coach & Copywriter

Knowing that someone with such a big heart fully supported me was key to my success. In the belief works with Relinde, you go deep into your psyche and into your body and subconscious with guidance and let go of things that you don't even realize you're still carrying around. It's like a detox for your brain and your soul, and unless you actually take the time and work with someone who can help you guide you, it won't shift. You can't do this on your own.

My savings account is growing!

vere vermeulen, female leadership coach

When I learned about Relinde, I was at the point where I wanted to expand my income from $3.5K months to $10K per month - but I couldn’t figure out the “how”.

Thanks to the Elevate to Thrive Academy, I was able to make some huge mindset shifts. This led to me booking in my highest months EVER in my business. I'm putting all the extra revenue I've generated into a savings account, which makes me feel so abundant and rich!

I make more money & have time for my kids

Jessica Craddock, Founder of the Artist Market

Before I met Relinde I had great engagement on my social media and other platforms, but that wasn’t translating to sales. I was great at going out and getting people interested, but I didn’t want to sell and ask people for money. That was my problem. Enter Relinde, my magical unicorn, she helped me work through many limiting beliefs. Which was liberating. She’s helped me find alignment and live the life that I want. Now, I’m helping my ideal clients, getting paid to do it, and spending more time with my two amazing kids!


I found my authentic voice

Katrin Baumgarten, Yoga Teacher

I felt like one of a million yoga teachers, I didn’t know how to build a business teaching yoga classes. Working with Relinde changed everything. The first thing she did was help me find my authentic voice in what I was doing, so I could stand out in such a crowded space. I’m teaching in small groups and providing bespoke services that provide so much more for my students. My business feels like 'home' to me now. I can’t express how grateful I am for her guidance and help!

I needed someone to show me what is possible

Ramona Schmid, founder of Let's Play Ballet

I was approaching my dance studio in the traditional way. I was teaching hours of classes and dozens of students each day. And that was the problem. I wanted to offer more. It was hard to deliver the quality I wanted with the business model I used. I needed someone that could open my mind to possibilities and give me the tools and structure to expand and make more income while providing a better service for my students, and that’s exactly what Relinde helped me do!