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Ep 4: Entrepreneurial Resilience From The Inside Out With Mira Rao




In this episode of Choosing Ease, I was joined by Mira Rao, whom I first met and resonated with a decade ago in Bali. She’s the reason I went from just vacationing in Bali to LIVING there and making so many changes in my life (including building a business).

Mira is also the epitome of a multi-passionate entrepreneur (which is part of why we vibe so well). She’s a Resilience + Embodiment Coach, has an MBA, is working on her master’s in Counseling, is a yoga teacher, a musician, a dancer, a writer and is an all-around beautiful human being.

We had a fascinating conversation about entrepreneurial resilience, which is such a big part of chasing your dreams and making things happen.

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by all the things that business (and life) requires of you, this episode is a must-listen.

In the episode, we discussed:

  • Our shared struggle to integrate and embody all the parts of ourselves into our business . . . and how we figure it out.
  • How our ancient nervous system is incompatible with our modern culture . . . and how that manifests in our daily life.
  • How to train your brain to go from overwhelmed and disconnected to calm and connectedness . . . so you can show up in your business from a space of embodiment.
  • The “brain in the palm of your hand” exercise helps regulate the nervous system when you’re in a state of overwhelm or panic.
  • The book Mira always recommends people read when trying to learn about the connection between neurobiology, mindfulness, and mental health.
. . . and so much more!

Tune in to check out the full conversation!

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