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Ep 5: The Energetics Behind Attracting Clients

In this episode of Choosing Ease, I was joined by my long-time friend, Darryl Collet — a Kung Fu and QiGong master who is all about helping people achieve holistic health (of the mind, body, and spirit) through the evidence-driven healing arts and sciences. 


We had a fascinating conversation about just how critical your energy signature is when it comes to achieving the things you want . . . both in your business and your life.

If you feel like you’ve been doing “all the things” in your business that you’re supposed to yet still aren’t getting anywhere near where you want (and need) to be, this episode is definitely worth a listen. 

Maybe even two . . . one to gain insight and another to really dive deeper into it and implement what you learn about yourself.

In the episode, we discussed:

  • How to know when your anxiety is slipping into obsession, why that will always sabotage your efforts, and what to do when it happens.
  • Finding the balance between your internal landscape and your external manifestations.
  • The critical difference between reacting and acting . . . and how to focus your attention on the right one.
  • Why Darryl is not a fan of affirmations . . . even though he believes they work.
  • The difference between vertical and horizontal personal development . . . and why being organic is so important.
. . . and so much more!
Tune in to check out the full conversation!

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