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Ep 20: Unlocking Your Authentic Voice: Breaking Free from Society's Limiting Beliefs with Voice Expression Coach Malou Swart


Let’s talk about the importance of finding and expressing your authentic voice and the transformative power of self-awareness and personal growth.

Do you feel like you're living authentically?

Or are you holding back from expressing your true self?

Today, we're diving deep into the transformative power of finding and expressing your authentic voice.

So many of us are taught (whether directly or indirectly) that society values conformity over individuality.

That’s why so many of us live a lot of our life not only afraid to stand out too much, but desperate to fit in.

We allow this fear and desperation to stifle not only our creativity but our self-expression.

It isn’t until we break free from these limiting beliefs that we find the courage to speak up, be our full selves, and share our unique perspectives with the world.

Someone who knows all about this and who helps people navigate their way to freedom of expression so beautifully is my friend, Voice Expression Coach Malou Swart.

Malou is “not your usual singing teacher”. She uses her unique skills and method to help women connect with their deeper purpose, express themselves through their voice — whether through singing or speaking — and start living the fulfilling and embodied lives they dream of.

In this episode of the Choosing Ease Podcast, we talk about:

  • What it means to own and express your voice and why getting to that point is so empowering

  • The concept of a “blocked voice” and the ways it manifests itself both physically and emotionally

  • Societal norms around expressing emotions … and how it impacts our individual abilities to express ourselves overall

  • Malou’s personal journey from being a people-pleaser to finding her true voice  through singing and spiritual development

  • How finding your voice and embracing authenticity is so important for entrepreneurs who want to deeply connect with their audience


Malou also shares a free downloadable body scan exercise that incorporates sound to help people reconnect with and liberate their voices.

Ready to find out more about authentic self-expression and its role in building a fully aligned business you love?

Don’t miss out on this insightful conversation between Malou and I

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