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Workouts & Soul Chocolate Insiders is an incredible community of awesome women around the globe who are dedicated to feeling great and taking care of themselves. So that they can get the most out of life.

It’s working out, meditating and getting your energy levels sky high, with ease. Move more, think less. With your Workouts & Soul Chocolate membership, you’ll get access to a library of video workouts and meditations. There are exercises for every aspect of you: Body, Mind and Energy.

There are Yoga classes, Yoga Dance classes, Dance Workouts and handy Quick Embodiment Practices. In the bonus section you’ll find loads of effective tips and techniques to get your energy flowing.

Relinde is such a loving, positive and energy spreading soul. I love how she combined her yoga and dance knowledge to create such an interesting and unique concept.

I discovered how beautiful it can be to mix yoga with dance. I really enjoyed being able to let go of the rules around normal yoga and to enjoy it more freely when the dance was infused.

I enjoy every second of the classes and  always come out from it with a huge smile! 

Mathilda Andersson


1. Every month you will get 2 brand new workout videos. These videos are designed for different occasions and each workout will target different aspects of your being: Body, Mind and Soul.

2. Access the entire Workouts and Soul Chocolate Online Workout Library. Video’s range from 5 minutes to 1 hour. You can use them to feel great in whatever situation you’re in. A quick high energy -prep for a speaking gig, a night yoga sequence to calm down, or a dance workout to let it all go.

3. Discover how your Body – Mind and Energy play together. Activate your body intelligence. Move More, Think Less. This is a key to feel great, about you and about your body. 

I’ve been meaning to start doing yoga again and this came at a perfect time for me. I love the beauty and flowing nature of the yoga dance classes.My favorite bit is the improvisation. Very unique and fun. After the class my body feels more alive and I can feel the energy flowing through it.

Sarah Shotts

“It was quite hot by midday today and I decided I’d only watch the class, and not join in… but once it started I just had to move with you. A great decision. My body is feeling connected and much more long, melty, and flowing.”

Barbara Hames

Relinde is simply the best teacher i ever had. She has also a lot of anatomy knowledge which is very helpful to solve certain blockages. Besides she has a warm personality and that shines through in her lessons. I would highly recommend her if you want to discover your own body.



I hear from so many people who struggle with having enough energy and taking care of their bodies. They struggle with finding the time to exercise, to meditate and to take care of themselves. With my unique blend of different workouts you’ll have all in one. No need to struggle on your own or have to spend hours in your day to get to the gym or yoga studio, you can just do this anytime, anywhere.

If you know that your body – mind and energy well-being are key to anything you want in life, Workouts and Soul Chocolate is for you. No Yoga Membership site or other fitness site will give you the unique blend that I give you here.

I had to train my body to be fit as a professional dancer, that is like top-sport. Now I want to stay on top of my game as an entrepreneur. So I did find out the best way to stay fit, have my energy flowing and to be my bright and shining self every day. Even when things get tough!

By joining you get the massive benefit of working out and feeding the soul with delicious chocolate, with someone who has spent most of her life finding out the secrets to become and stay fit.

You will transform to be happy and fit in your body as a dancer, calm and centered as a yogi and with the energy levels of Kung Fu Panda.



Besides the video’s you’ll get into your inbox and the access to the Membership Area, you’ll join an incredible community of power-people around the globe that are committed to feeling amazing and supporting one another in our personal life journeys. The FB group is always there for support, and I am in there to answer questions as much as  I can.

Every month, I host a ‘Members – Only’ group call, where we will do an inspiring new practice together. You can also ask me any question you’d like! This is a Super-bonus: you’ll have a Personal Trainer Included! And if you have questions in between, just hop in the FB group.



Maybe it happened to you too.. you spent hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars on gym or yoga studio memberships, and you did not even find to time to go regularly.

Workouts & Soul chocolate is a fraction of the cost of gym  memberships or weekly yoga class and once you get access to the month’s workout, you can do it over and over again. You don’t have to worry about going  to the gym or rushing to get to a class that you actually like.

You can choose when to watch the Workouts and Soul Chocolate dance workouts, yoga classes and meditations and make them work for your schedule. Maybe that means following along first thing in the morning before school or work, in the middle of the day as a pick me up, or as a wind down at the end of the day.

You can take these workouts with you on vacation, do them at the office, or in your living room at home.

I’ve designed Workouts and Soul Chocolate to be affordable + accessible to anyone!

Workouts & Soul Chocolate Year

Membership Yearly

370 EURO / A Year *Get 2 months for free


Workouts & Soul Chocolate Month

Membership Monthly

37 EURO / A month



I am confident you will love Workouts & Soul Chocolate. But if this isn’t for you, no worries, If you let us know within 30 days, you will get your money back!