JUNE - DECEMBVER 2019 - Online Program


Where Entrepreneurs bridge the gap between how much they want to make - and what they're actually making.

 >> A High Vibe Mastermind  10 spots only <<


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"First 6-figure launch"


After working with Relinde my income went from $5k to $25k+/mo and it felt soo easy

Becky Keen - Spiritual Business Coach

Since I worked with Relinde, things shifted on a very deep level in my business. 

I got the idea for my first 6-figure launch, and within weeks I mad $150.000

Merel Kriegsman

If you’ve been in the online space for a while… you know that talk about “manifesting” is everywhere

(bear with me, this is not a manifesting retreat, and nope, I won’t tell you to “manifest” the money to pay for it)...

...But although you run a pretty successful coaching/service-based business - you know how to attract and sign up clients…

There’s still a gap between the money you’d love to make, and the money you’re actually making...

The difference between wanting to make a lot more money, and ACTUALLY making a lot more money?

Like selling VIP days at $2,500, selling out your programs, filling your retreats with ease, and having VIP clients that pay you at least 20K….


You can choose to keep looking for answers outside of yourself (ads, funnels, more courses, a prettier FB banner for your free group)….

… or you can decide TODAY, to finally be able to monetize everything you already know, and have already put in place – by mastering your money flow

What's Money Flow?

It’s the ability to use your energy to attract vasts amounts of Soul Aligned leads, succeed at your sales calls (even when you’re selling your highest end offers) and get to easy 5-figure months. Without pushing…. struggling… overwhelm, frustration and getting bit in the butt by the procrastination monster.

Becoming A Master of Money Flow... the key difference between you dreaming to be rich and adding another $100k to your business this year.


Ready for an all inclusieve experience in paradise-like Ibiza?

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"I made $150.000 within 8 weeks"

"Working with Relinde shifted things on a really deep level for myself and my business. " Merel Kriegsman - High End Business Mentor

"Within weeks after working with Relinde I went beyond the 10K mark, to easy 25K+Months."

Becky Keen - Award Winning Entrepreneur & Spiritual Business Coach



14th - 21st of September 2019
Ibiza, Spain
All inclusive luxury accommodations

>>10 spots only<<


Relinde Moors

Relinde Moors

Hi, I’m Relinde,

Pro Dancer, Energy Expert and co-creator of the Money Flow Method, and here’s what I know:

Having a successful dream-business, making the money you want to make is directly related to YOUR BELIEFS.

Relinde Moors

If you feel you can’t break through that next income plateau (from 5K to 20K months? From 30K to 50K? What is it for you?..)

…Feeling STUCK (and in your head)…

… then instead of buying another shiny course, a new computer, invest in more FB Ads – all you might need to do to change your ENERGY by CHANGING YOUR LIMITING BELIEFS & shifting your energy.

Most coaches will help you either the inner OR the outer game, I do both - making sure your head is screwed on right + embody your superhero self, and feel amazing and alive but I’ll also be there to take the action. Struggling to get people on a call or on how to do a sales call? I’ve got you covered!


Erika Johansson

Erika Johansson

Hi, I'm Erika...

I am passionate about releasing anything that is in the way of having the most wonderful life, I am passionate about doing it for myself and I am absolutely passionate about working with you to do the same, to transform your life, to help you live in joy, happiness and peace, to have your dream life.

Erika Johansson

One morning I woke up and had an epiphany. It was so clear, I had spent years trying to push through my many blocks without succeeding, like hitting my head against a concrete wall.

I finally understood, I needed to spend all that time and energy on removing those blocks and instead just have life beautifully unfold itself before me.

It worked and it was like the sun coming out after years of rain and clouds…pure bliss!!!

"I have recently been to Erika’s courses and I am only now able to put into words how much I loved it. The courses have helped me to unravel many limiting beliefs and corresponding behaviours and to date I keep working on myself, always looking for more beliefs I can find and change.

I feel lighter and more empowered than ever. And wow, how much fun we had during the courses. Erika’s way of teaching is so full of joy, easy to follow but difficult to forget :) Thank you so much!"

Zeandy Black

"Erika is a wonderful teacher (thorough, supportive, very skilled, articulate, fun, delightfully entertaining, and without ego).

These are life-changing courses where one does deep inner work and experiences impressive results. By releasing at the source of the blockages that have kept us trapped in a sort of situational replay with limiting behavioural reactions and life experiences, we can experience freedom from this old way of being, step into our full potential, and manifest the life that we truly desire.

Heal from the past, delete self-sabotaging belief systems and ultimately recreate ourselves anew. Wow, who wouldn’t want that!?! Go and sign up for her courses... your life will transform in miraculous ways!! "

Kathryn Meadow
Sound Healer

"I have done about 50 courses in the last 4 years and Erika is hands down the best teacher I’ve ever had!!

Erika is so knowledgeable and I never got bored or tuned out she is so fun, bubbly and engaging! I learnt soooo much, met incredibly special souls and had some amazing breakthroughs and healings myself! I strongly recommend having an immersion with the divine Erika. "

Belle Billingurst


DAY 1 Arrival & Welcoming dinner

DAY 2 Become the energy you want to attract

DAY 3 How to identify your limiting beliefs & shift them 

DAY 4 The four reasons your subconscious holds on to the beliefs

DAY 5 Now you've shifted the beliefs, embody your new wealthy self

DAY 6 Use this work in your work with clients

DAY 7 Breakfast & departure


7  AM  Meditation & Intention for the day

8  AM  Breakfast 

9  AM  Qigong practice to let go of the old, and bring in the new 

11 AM Money Flow Method: Identify your limiting beliefs 

1  PM Lunch (and a swim!)

3  PM Money Flow Method: Make a mind map of your limiting beliefs

5  PM Embodied Flow Practice to ground and come into your body

7  PM Dinner

This is where the magic happens

We're staying in a small luxurious typically Ibicencan hotel, immersed in the most beautiful rustic environment you will find in the Balearics.

It is situated North of the Island of Ibiza in a calm & isolated area surrounded by protected forests. The nature of its location takes one, moreover invites one to have a walk along the forest paths that reach a cliff face offering impressive sea views.


Ready for an all inclusieve experience in paradise-like Ibiza?

Book your call below and find out if this is the perfect next step for you!



A Private session, previous to the retreat, with either Relinde or Erika. 

Private sessions are extremely powerful - this is where the magic of this program kicks in even way before you get to Ibiza. 


FEEL ABUNDANT meditations, videos, practices that you can do at home, in a beautiful online environment - so that you can start wherever you are before we meet!

(Released in June). 



When you leave the magic of the retreat, we want you to get massive results (aka Money In The Bank) asap.

That's why we'll still be there to help you every step of the way - until the en of the year you'll have access to our Private FB Group where you can Ask Anything + we'll host a monthly Call with Hot Seats!! FUN!


Ready for an all inclusieve experience in paradise-like Ibiza?

Book your call below and find out if this is the perfect next step for you!

Success story


After working with Relinde and Erika, I left feeling that anything is possible and really saw the power of our beliefs.

Although I had everything: A beautiful website, and client testimonials, I couldn't see why I wasn't making the money I wanted to make. (One thing I know now... I did need to raise my prices!!)

I applied the new insights, and within a week I had 7 sign ups for my Online Course!

Morwenna Buganno - Healer and Channeler of the Light


How long is the course?

The Retreat is one week, the full Masters of Money Flow Program kicks off in June and ends in December. 

Can I use this method with my clients?

You most certainly can!

For coaches who want to have more tools to identify and shift Limiting Beliefs with their clients, we offer support to translate what you've learned to your work with them. 

What is included in this program?

  • An All Inclusive Luxury Retreat in Ibiza.
  • All the classes taught in the retreat.
  • Online Calls before and after the retreat.
  • Online Member area with meditations, videos, and PDF'S that support what you've learned. 
  • Endless love and abundance. 

When should I arrive in Ibiza?

We start on the 14th with a Welcoming Dinner. So make sure you can arrive to the North of the Island by 5 PM latest. You're welcome to come earlier on the 14th though!

What if I am not sure if this is right for me?

Book a call! Seriously, we want this to be the right thing for you, and if it's not, we'll let you know too! Book a call and together we'll figure it out. 


Ready for an all inclusieve experience in paradise-like Ibiza?

Book your call below and find out if this is the perfect next step for you!


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