I’m a dancer, and a teacher in movement and performing arts and: a multi-passionate never ending enthusiast. Always looking for ways to get the most out of life, for myself and others.

I discovered that the key to it all is to get things moving. To get the body moving, energy flowing and to create momentum.

To create anything you want in life you need to feel good about yourself, right? You need to have a lot of energy, to be creative and flexible. To bounce back easily from failure. In short, you need to be your fully–shining–super-power–best self. Every day.

What I do is giving you tools that make you feel empowered. You’ll experience ease, lightness, and connection. You’ll tap into your infinite creativity.

I am dedicated to helping you feel empowered and inspired through movement.

If you are ready to take the next step, then I am here to guide you to discover your genius. Your super power. Your authentic – one of a kind you. Feeling awesome in this beautiful body you are in. And to love all of it.

If you want to get to know me a bit better first, fair enough! Here we go:

I am from Amsterdam, I have lived in countries like Bali, Portugal, and Cuba. I love dancing, working with creative people, sitting in the sun, shopping. I talk a lot about invisible things such as feelings, inspiration, and energy. I don’t like spending too much time behind the computer, but I do love working from my laptop from any place I want.

I am always creating things. Dance performances, films, online programs, classes, retreats. I like creating environments where ‘the magic happens.’ It’s just what I do.

Since I was very young, have an inner need to learn new things. I am very curious, and that has taken me to many beautiful places and teachings. It resulted in a number of degrees and certificates in Contemporary Dance, Theatre, Yoga, Education, and Energy work.

For me, all of those arts and practices come down to one thing: to connect to life, so that makes me feel happy and on purpose.

I feel that I have found a better connection and openness and more forgiveness with myself and other. Which helps me to unblock emotions.

The teachings were really accessible. It was quick, and it was easy and that was mainly because of the way Relinde explained it.  She shared secrets – you know – things that have often been taught to be secrets, with us in a way that made it really natural.

Christine Marsden-Smedley

I would definitely recommend people to work with Relinde. I learned so much about dance, theatre and myself. It’s not just movement, it is so much more.

Relinde is proficient, never judges anyone, has a nice energy, a personal approach and creates beautiful things.

Lot Macrander

I didn’t learn this overnight

I’ve had years and years of training and experience.
Two Bachelor degrees in performing arts (dance and theater), a portfolio as a professional choreographer and more than 15 years of teaching experience in 4 different languages all over the globe.

In my life journey so far, I have always been active, curious and entrepreneurial.
I was successful at many things. Messed up hugely a couple of times. Learned heaps and keep on learning every day.


I have a Bachelor in Theatre in Education, a Bachelor in Contemporary dance, I am a certified Chi Kung and Tai Chi instructor by a Chinese-Malay Grandmaster, I am a Certified Theta Healer, I have studied Cuban dances at the Danza Contemporanea de Cuba in Havana, Kung Fu in Amsterdam, I am a yoga teacher and developed my yoga style and called it Yoga Dance.

Working experiences:

I have picked strawberries, worked as a guide on a horse in riding trips in Spain, was a hiking guide in Crete, worked as a babysitter, worked in a clothing shop, delivered the newspaper, taught ex-gang-members in Guatemala contemporary dance, taught yoga in Bali to expats and tourists, danced performances in big theaters in the Netherlands, danced performances in rural villages in Mexico, trained customer service employees in big companies, taught chi kung retreats in Bali, do personal healing sessions with clients, made dance films in Cuba and India, taught numerous theatre and dance workshops in a yearly festival, served wine dressed as a pirate in themed parties in Amsterdam…

Relinde is such a loving, positive and energy spreading soul. I love how she combined her yoga and dance knowledge to create such an interesting and unique concept.

I discovered in this class how beautiful it can be to mix yoga with dance. I really enjoyed being able to let go of the rules around normal yoga and to enjoy it more freely when the dance was infused.

 I enjoyed every second of the class and came out from it with a huge smile! A great and fun experience that has stayed in my mind for a long time.

Matilda Andersson

Wanna know if working or moving with me would be something for you?