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It has been two weeks that I was that beautiful Chi Kung and Tai Chi retreat in Italy. Right next to the sea, in this gorgeous hotel. Training 6 hours a day and relaxing the rest of the time.

Now, back home, I do feel the stress of daily life, of deadlines and getting work done. I do feel that the city, the business and my phone that is always asking for my attention.

But at the same time, I feel the silence. I feel connected to my energy, to my body and to the stillness that always is. So, nothing around me changed, but I did.

The moment that I lose it I remind myself of doing my practice. And while doing my practice, I notice a world of difference. My energy expands easier, my mind is quiet, and my heart is open. It is just way easier to get into that ‘Chi Kung state of mind,’ that is required for a fruitful practice.

Heart to heart transmission

What I am noticing now is the impact of Heart to Heart transmission. The teacher with whom I took the course is a Grandmaster, and as with every competent teacher, he can transmit his skills not only via words and explanations but mostly via heart to heart transmission.

This may sound woo woo to you. But it is very tangible. Think of how a room full of people feels when somebody walks in that is very angry. It will change the atmosphere of the room, right?

When a skilled teacher, like my Grandmaster want, to teach you a skill, like “clearing your mind from all thoughts” (we all know how impossible that can seem!), he will┬átransmit this skill to you. You will get instant ‘upgrades’ and will experience a quiet mind, or at least a much more quiet mind that you had before, in no-time.

That happens because the teacher gets into the state of mind himself, and does this in such a deep and profound way, that the people receiving the teachings are included in his energy field. Aka, they are receiving the skill via heart to heart transmission.

This explains my experience of the deepening of my home practice. It’s wonderful to feel how my ability to tune in in a short time, has improved so much within just four days of lessons.

The reasons deep-dives are essential

This is why I love deep-dives. It is not only enjoyable to be on a retreat/holiday. It is most definitely life changing. It lifts you up to a new level, and after the deep-dive, you have the joy of unpacking all the new stuff and the deepened experiences. I see deep-dives as essential and take at least one a year.

Feel like it is time to go on a retreat?

Then I have fantastic news!

The amazing grandmaster I was talking about in this article is coming to Bali from 20-24 October 2017. This is a unique opportunity. And it might just be what you were looking for. The retreat is for all levels, you can deepen your practice or start your Qi Gong practice right here and now.

Have a look at our upcoming Qi Gong retreat in Bali:

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