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In December 2016 I traveled to Bali to have two weeks (200-hour module) training with Tara Judelle and Scott Lyons. I attended the Body Module of their Embodied Flow Teacher Training.

What I experienced was beyond my expectations. Tara and Scott started working together only a couple of years ago, and their school has grown tremendously in a short period. And I understand why. The quality of their teaching is amazing.

Tara has years of Anusara and Hatha yoga background, Scott is a multi-talented, dancer and somatic movement therapist. So what they do is combine yoga, tantric philosophy, and somatic movement.

Embodied Flow has an interesting philosophy. Let’s start with the lens through which they see big words such as Yoga and Enlightenment:

Embodied Flow definition of Yoga:
A state of being where we have a felt sense of a deep relation to ourselves, others and the world around us.

Embodied Flow definition of Enlightenment:
Enlightenment is the experience of one’s own nature as subtle unified consciousness. It’s revealed through deeply inhabiting one’s own body.

In Embodied Flow is stated that the body is the vehicle for awakening.

So that means that not only the mind, as seen in Western Philosophy (separate from the body) but, the whole body-mind system is a vehicle to achieve awakening.

What are Body and Mind?
In the end, Body and Mind is one, as stated in Embodied Flow. They cannot exist without each other. Every cell of our being has consciousness flowing through it.

In the first day of the course we awakened this awareness in a beautiful way: We tapped our full bodies with our fingertips, using the mantra ‘I am here, I am here, I am here.’

After that there were many moments I have experienced this. We tuned into the different systems of our bodies, such as bones and joints, muscles, skin, cells, organs. And indeed, it seems like each of those systems has their own consciousness, their own awareness. And by acknowledging them, they come to live.

I experienced deeply how everything in the universe, from my own bones and skin, to the trees and air around me, to everything there is wants to be seen. And when I give attention and awareness and really see every bit of my body, and the world around me, I feel in flow, I feel connected.

So yes, Embodied Flow is a pathway to getting into ‘A state of being where we have a felt sense of a deep relation to ourselves, others and the world around us.’ And I’ve only scratched the surface. Looking forward to undergoing the other two advanced modules; Mind and Expression, soon.


During my stay in Bali I started a Vlog! Check it out on my Youtube Channel, to see more of the training and my life in Bali.

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