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Why you're being asked to speak up about your values

Uncategorized Jun 10, 2020

"But... of course Black Lives Matter!!!" I hear her say, M, a famous entrepreneur and influencer and in charge of a FB group with 33.000 people in it.

Over the past week, M's FB group exploded. People felt silenced, hurt, unheard; others thought the group wasn't the place to discuss racism.

It was tough, it was raw, and it was eye-opening to witness everything that happened in that big group of ambitious entrepreneurs and change-makers.

And I, from the sidelines, watched and observed.

Here are the three significant insights I had after witnessing that group, the emotions, and M's raw and vulnerable leadership:

Life Lesson #1: If you don't speak your truth, people fill in the blanks. When I heard Marie say that people asked her, but do you think Black Lives Matter? She said: Of course I do!! I didn't even think I needed to say that out loud! I had to admit I did the same. It didn't cross my mind that this was something you need to state, to be supportive.

Life Lesson #2: Listen first, then respond instead of reacting. And even when you think you listened, listen some more.

Life Lesson #3: It's scary to share your values, out loud. It's scary because someone might disagree. If you stay neutral and safe in the middle, you don't have to face discomfort. Yet the discomfort is where the transformation happens.

My Q to you:

In these turbulent times, what is your most significant insight? Please share because your point of view matters, and by sharing it, you'll help anyone who reads it.