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Why ‘money blocks’ are not about money

Uncategorized Mar 16, 2019


The worst thing that could happen would be…

She sits with her eyes closed and takes a deep breath, and then says with a conviction: 

"My husband will spend it all.”

“Right!” I say, “and imagine that happens, what’s the worst thing about that? ”

“I’ll have to start all over again being completely depleted”

“Yes, I understand, and what is the worst thing about that, what will happen?

“We will be even more in dept”

“And then?”

“I’ll divorce him..."

“And then?”

“I’ll be a bad mother and
…I’ll end up being just like my parents not giving my children a safe home,
…my kids will not get what they need
…my kids will end up not living up to their full potential
…Which will leave me with horrible guilt
…And I’ll be a total failure
…No idea how to live anymore.”


This beautiful woman in front of me had discovered her bottom fear around her making all the money in her business that she wants to make.

If you think that “I can’t make $500,000 a year” is the limiting belief that is holding you back from reaching your income goals, you're dead wrong.

That limiting belief is just the beginning.

This goes so much deeper than money. And 99% of the time, we have no idea what is holding us back.

That's because we’re not talking LOGIC or THE TRUTH here.

We’re talking about BELIEFS.

Those beliefs often come from a very early age.

And although your conscious mind knows better now, if your subconscious is not on board, it’s very unlikely that you’ll make your visions happen.

So, I hear you thinking...

” If this is so well hidden in my brain how do I know if you have limiting beliefs around money?"

You know if you say yes to any or all of the below:

You see a pattern in your life where you make 5,000 dollars but then something happens and you need to spend it right away, and similar things keep happening.

You feel nervous, anxious, nausea when you even think of making a million dollars (or fill in your desired amount).

You feel it’s impossible to make [Fill in your desired amount] a year.

You have been wanting to break through an income ceiling for a little while now, but for ‘some reason’ haven’t been able to.

You would want to make more money, but yet you’re not.

If this is you, and you’d love to figure out what’s in the way of getting where you want to be, leave me a comment and tell me what comes up for you.

I'd be happy to dismantle your subconscious beliefs with you, so that you will get to your goals this year, with ease, and grace (and a healthy dose of hysterical happy dances when them’ sales come in!!)

Can’t wait to dive in.