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The difference between limiting beliefs and life strategies

Uncategorized Sep 16, 2020

"I know what I want to get done… and then.. … I do everything else...
I clean, and cook… and stuff which I pretend to be self-care instead of putting my sales page together.“

...says my client S.: Nutrition and Mindset Coach, (and amazing at making plans, action steps and getting things done…

For other people!!!)

But when it comes to growing her coaching business she struggles with self-sabotage.

“I can do massive sprints and then I collapse. And tell myself I need to recover, for days… I mean I just waste so much time…”

S. has invested in all the courses. She is certified, she has the online programs on marketing, she knows it all.

BUT she ain’t doing it!!!??


First of all, we checked in on her Limiting Beliefs (‘cause that’s what I do).

We changed beliefs like
“I am not good enough the way I am”,
“Nobody wants to buy what I have to offer” and
“When I become hugely successful I will be overwhelmed and stressed all the f*ing time.”

But something else was tripping her up, and rather than digging for more beliefs I knew I had to introduce a new concept:

Sabotaging life strategies…

Life strategies are sneaky mechanisms that settle in your brain at a very young age.

They dress up as ‘the good girl” “the wise person” the “got it all together, always”, and the worst is.. They actually do give you results to some extent. 🤔

✋But don’t be fooled…

Thes life strategies are the nasty hidden programs that can keep you in an endless loop.

They say things like:

🤞I must always be perfect
🤞I order to be in successful I must be perfect
🤞To be liked, and loved and safe I must be perfect


🤞I must always be serious and worry.
🤞To be successful, I must serious and worry.
🤞To be liked, and loved and safe I must worry.

Now here is where things really go south.

When S. is trying to move ahead and does all the work to make sh*t happen the strategy that is running in her system “I must always worry” keeps her in thinking mode.

❗️Not only will she worry about the business and everything related, but she will also create a business that she must worry about.

Because (Oh crooked subconscious… it so it doesn’t make sense and yet it does)...

...she believes she needs to worry to be successful so if the business is successful her life strategy tells her to worry more

and if that doesn’t work…

To worry more, because obviously, if she hasn’t created the results that means she hasn’t worried enough…


Do you see it? 🤯

This is super tricky!!!!

Now, of course, you want to know how to solve this once and for all…

🙌Congrats, because by the sheer fact of dismantling this ‘system’ in your brain you have taken a great step.

But which strategy is yours?

Maybe… one of these life strategies comes up for you…

Things like…

👉I must always be in control
👉I must always disappoint others
👉I must always be late
👉I have to make everyone else happy before I can be happy


👉I must always be a good girl...

What life strategy is keeping you from living your dream / growing your dream biz?