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Why DOING NOTHING brings Abuncance

Uncategorized Jul 06, 2020

Bodies speak to me.

I can see energy either flowing or trapped in the body.

Energy always wants to flow, but something holds the blockage in place.

Usually, that is the mind. A thought. A fear. A belief. Or maybe some trapped anger that could never be expressed.

In this picture, taken during my retreat in Ibiza last year, you see me doing an embodiment exercise I learned during my career as a contemporary dancer.

One of my amazing clients, Lola, is undergoing the practice. She had A LOT of to let go of; she survived cancer and divorce, but the emotional release was yet to come.

I was so grateful I got to do this practice with her.

It's one of my favorite exercises to teach. I still remember the impact of it when I received it the first time. How grounded I felt. And flowy.

I realized how much unnecessary tension I was holding in my body and how much that f*cked with my mind!

Twenty years later, I have done this specific exercise with adults all over the world: street artists in Guatemala, young children in the Netherlands, kung fu practitioners in Malaysia, and entrepreneurs to that Ibiza retreat.

And EVERYONE at every age loves it.

The magic that started to unfold in Lola's life after she found out how to release and let go is epic.

She's building her business so much faster than expected, getting unexpected opportunities and has so much FUN while doing it.

She found the FLOW.

Imagine starting your day being alignment in such a way that whatever your todo list is, you allow it to happen through you. No pushing. No hustling. No grinding.

What you want is coming to you, without the unnecessary effort.

Want a taste of it?

Here’s a short practice that you can do right now, to invite more FLOW into your life:

The first step is to close your eyes. If you can lay down if-else, relax as much in your seat as you can.

Take a couple of deep breaths and let your body weight fall towards the earth. Let gravity move through your bones. Allow the unnecessary tension in the muscles to release.

Feel the support. Of the earth. Of the chair underneath you.

The support is always there for you.

Receive it fully.

And let go.

Do nothing for a minute more. And feel the energy that is abundant all around you, flow through you.

You're welcome.

(p.s. if you tried it out, let me know in the comments how you felt!)