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When your best friend judged your growth

Uncategorized Jul 15, 2020

"Anyone who is making this much money contributes to massive inequality in the world..."

When I read this comment on my recent FB post, my heart stopped for a moment. All kinds of alarm bells went off... and the worst thing was...

The comment didn't come from some stranger on the internet, but actually from one of my best friends.

The week before, I'd told her that I'm moving to a bigger apartment (more about that later!). And now I posted something about how thinking differently about money, changed how much revenue I made.

It didn't stop at the comment.

She told me it was her friendship-duty to hold up a mirror, showing that my new financial goals and achievements are outrageous and harmful to the world.

She also told me we'd grown so far apart, that she'd rather not discuss it with me. Our world-views were just too far apart, she said. But she did want to stay friends.

Then I read this quote from Gay Hendricks:

"Welcome the backtalk, because it's completely natural and normal. It's actually a sign that the new idea you've planted in your mind is taking root."

And I realized...

Change and growth come with triggering those who love you 'just the way you are'.

This friend had voiced it; many others might have thought it.

My growth might trigger beliefs and fears in others.

And it's my job to be able to hold it. To expand rather than contract and stay true to what I believe to be right.

I asked myself:

Am I living true to my values?
Do I believe what I do makes the world a better place?
Do I help and empower others?

And answered a HELL YES to all of that.

I took some time to get even more clear on my values, my deep why and my beliefs.

And anchored myself in that.

Now back to you:

Did you ever experience that anyone who is near and dear to you judged your change or growth?