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When you can't choose (but you can't do it all either)

Uncategorized Oct 12, 2018

"I don't want to choose, because all of this makes who I am!"

...she said, and I saw her being torn apart from the inside. Watery eyes, red cheeks… getting ready to defend her oh so valuable imperium of the different projects and businesses she has going on.

My heart opened up, as

I saw myself years ago

I wanted to do it all;

I wanted to keep working as a dancer and choreographer,

Keep teaching yoga in the studio in Bali (where I was living at the time),

Organize my qigong retreats in Bali,

And create, market and sell my ONLINE PROGRAMS.

(… and their might have been some other things on the side)

I actually did all of that for a year or so.

And it did bring me a lot of traveling, awesome experiences and dreams lived

But it didn’t GROW MY BIZ.

Aka it didn’t bring in enough MONEY.

And therefore…

I wasn’t creating the FREEDOM I wanted to create.

Ultimately, it was a dead end street.

This can be such a hard one. I was stubborn for a little while, believing I could do it all.

But when I stopped, took the time to analyze what I really wanted (long-term, lifestyle + my income goals), I knew I had to CHOOSE.

I dropped everything and focussed solely on my ONLINE PROGRAMS.

This changed it all.

Fast forward… My ONLINE PROGRAMS are thriving, AND I have the TIME and MONEY to go to ballet classes in the morning, and next year or so… I’ll start adding retreats to my offerings.


All of this makes me wonder…

WHERE are you sabotaging your success

by not choosing and wanting to do it all?

Which choice are you avoiding?

Let me know in the comments!

I love diving into brains full of options and dreams and figuring out which avenue would bring you most CASH and JOY.

Bring it on!