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What to do when you got dissapointed along the way

Uncategorized Aug 04, 2020

"I worked diligently & passionately in business for many years that had all the right pieces; the purpose, the right people, and grit & determination. We were never able to live up to my revenue expectations. Now, as I start something new, I instantly feel like I'll never reach my expectations.

Thoughts on my limiting beliefs and how to get rid of them?"

I loved this question.

Something started with so much passion and belief, yet it doesn't work out the way you wanted and leaves an imprint that keeps you from going all-in on a new venture.

And when you don't go all in... you don't get massive results...

So how do you find the motivation and trust to do it again?

Here's what you need to know:

Your results do not come from anything else than from your thoughts.

They don't come from the number of followers on Instagram, not from your coach, not from your degrees...

(I mean there are influencers with a gazillion followers who don't make any money, and there are coaches with 500 followers who make six figures...)

Your results come from your thoughts.

Let me explain.

Imagine that you start the day working on your (new) business) thinking:
"Whatever I do, I will never reach my expectations."

If you think that, then how do you FEEL?

My guess is you'd feel tired, heavy, and de-motivated, right?

So when you FEEL that way, what ACTION do you take?

Most prob, not that much action. You might stop and try. Be distracted. Compare yourself with others on Instagram, get even more discouraged, and finally, start eating potato chips at 1PM and catch up with Netflix.

Meh, nothing really is done, the belief that you will never reach your expectations validated.

So let's flip that around.

Let's say you have the same circumstance. You've worked on a company for a long time, but it never hit the revenue you wanted. Now you start a new business.

All of that is the circumstance, you can't change or influence that.

What you do have control over is the thought you choose today.

Now it's Monday morning, you sit at your desk, and you deliberately choose a more empowering thought/belief:

"The work I do today brings me closer to my goals. Everything I do brings me a step closer to where I want to be. And I love the journey!"

Now when you think this, how do you FEEL?

I'd say: empowered, motivated, full of energy.

So what do you DO?

You take aligned action, do all the things, and even feel the courage to look at the last business and take any learnings you had from that into your approach today. And if you feel unclear, you actively find the support you need.


Progress, finished tasks, and feeling fulfilled because you kept believing in you.

To summarize this long post ;-)

You can't control your circumstance (outer events)
You always can choose your thoughts
Your thoughts create your results.

Which thought would you like to reframe today?