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What other people might think…

Uncategorized Dec 13, 2018

"I see you doing your FB Lives and I am so annoyed by them.said my friend-since-20-years when we finally had time to grab a coffee

I’m back in Amsterdam, after living the Digital-Nomad-Life for 4 years, my life has changed, I am running a successful online business now instead of freelancing as a dancer.

I had been so afraid of my friends from the theatre and dance-world to have all kinds of opinions about me. To tell me that I had lost it and that I am a now a failed artist.

It had taken me 2 years to get over their voices in my head, and here I sat on my chair drinking coffee, and she told me she hates my FB lives, right in my face.

But I didn’t freak out. I didn’t feel hurt. I gently smiled and said something like okay, "Thanks for sharing. What is it that annoyed you?"

And then it happened, the story about how she hears me talking about money and how she wants more money too but doesn’t think it’s right to talk about it. How she is annoyed because my videos aren’t perfect, but I do it anyway. How she doesn’t understand how it is that I make way more money now than I did in my artist days.

She ended her rant by saying "Bottom line, I think I need to do your program. I guess I do have some limiting beliefs that I'd love to get rid of."

This is the point of the story: Whatever you think people will think... it doesn't matter. Just keep showing up, putting yourself out there and getting your message out. Even the people that say they are annoyed are actually inspired by what you do.

My Q to you: Do you hold yourself back because of what other people might think?