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What Lady Gaga taught me about perfectionism

Uncategorized Oct 29, 2018

Last week I saw 'A Star is Born' in the cinema

It was so good!!!

It had been a while that I was so moved by anything in the cinema.

During and after the movie I just couldn't stop crying.
(And not only because of all the obvious reasons.)
What hit me while seeing this movie, is how Lady Gaga's character Ally SHOWS UP even when she's sh*t scared to do so.

It reminded me of all the times I stopped myself because of perfectionism - all the times I decided to stay at the sideline, to convince myself I wasn't ready.

(Not making that FB live that I want to make, because the light was not right;
Not recording that one video because I don't have my camera on me (could just use my phone!); Not going to that one audition; Thinking I needed another certificate or diploma before I could start putting myself out there...)

Ok, this was my worst one:
I have two fountain pens. They are gorgeous. If I couldn't find one of them I wouldn't make notes, because I only wanted to write with my fountain pens in my pretty notebook. (Hello Perfectionism Monster!!)
This silliness has cost me time & money. I was sabotaging my momentum because of my perfectionism.

This is why I cried when seeing A Star is Born.

Because Ally just walks up there and sings.

Although she is afraid, although she wants to run away. She does it. And she is so gorgeous.

It hit me right in the heart.

This is what I want to remind myself and you, who reads this, of today:

You are absolutely perfect just the way you are, at this very moment.

You're everything you imagine yourself to be.

You're ready to walk on that stage and sing your song (figuratively).

So,  fellow perfectionists out there...

When and how does perfectionism hold you back?

I'd love to hear, together we can beat this beast!