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What if you could see yourself like this...

Uncategorized Feb 01, 2019

This is an open letter to the reader of this post.
And I want you to ask yourself, how often do you talk to yourself in this way?

This is what I see:

You are a creator. Aka, you make things happen that would not exist without you being here on this planet.

Sit with that for a moment.

How much credit do you give yourself for being a one of a kind, unique and miraculous creator?

If you don't give yourself enough credit for being a creator, this might be tripping' you up:
1. You don’t understand why you are procrastinating before you give life to your next big idea.
2. You get thrown off when somebody questions if your plans are 'realistic' (especially when it is your spouse or a close friend!)
3. You have a hard time following up with your own planning and seem to say yes to helping others in the time that you are actually meant to dedicate to your biz.

Recognize any of this?

You do not give yourself enough slack (and support!) for the moments that you are birthing a new idea.For the moments where you can see where you're going, but nobody else can (yet!). For the moments where you're about to make the impossible happen.

It is absolutely terrifying to dive into the unknown. And the fact that you are doing that on a daily basis, makes you a freakin' awesome human being (don't let anybody tell you otherwise).

You are meant to do the amazing job of birthing new projects and ideas (rather than the following somebody else's lead).

You are a visionary.

You create things that didn't exist before.

And that is HUGE. (Ever wondered why the majority of people are NOT doing exactly that?)

Now, go get yourself a cuppa hot chocolate, book a massage and take time to meditate today.

Ask yourself if you need any other form of support, of space, of time to make your next big thing happen, with ease.

You so got this.

I believe in you.

Thank you for making your magic happen.

Sharing your ideas and visions with supportive people is so powerful.

Wanna tell me yours?

Leave me a message in the comments and share the big and small projects you are working on!