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What holds you back from selling in your business

Uncategorized Apr 16, 2020

“I’m afraid to sell my programs to clients, because I worry they won’t get results...”

Says my brilliant client J, (and yes, every cell in her body breathes integrity; she's really good at what she does)...

I know her too well to believe for a minute that her clients are not getting results.

Something else is going on here.

"First of all," I say… "what are the results they are they getting?"

"They're getting more visibility….
… More interaction with their ideal clients...
.. and when they implement what I do…
…. they do get more sales."


So, first of all, they do get results.

(The 'little' things are all steps towards the BIG results!!! Don't forget to celebrate the little wins!!)

Second… when her clients implement it all… they get the sales.

"So what do you do," I ask, "with the clients that are not doing everything, and as a result, do not get the maximum return?"

"I try to give them more ideas, encourage them, help them more… I send them more inspiration for their content, and I give them extra sessions to pursue them to take action," J says.

And here's the deal.

When you hire a coach the good and the bad news is:
You gotta do the work to get results. (It's good news, because, getting results is in your hands!)

As a coach, you need to know this: You can't DO it all for your clients!

It's an energetic law:

When you start working harder, your client will do less.

So if you want them to get their ROI, you gotta do less.

You have to ask them questions, stand for their vision, make them see what the limiting beliefs are and where they are holding themselves back.

But you can't do the work for them.

That's their part.

J sighs deep.
It's as if a heavyweight is lifted off her shoulders.

"That's why I have resisted selling my programs, but now I can't wait to onboard my next customer!"


She releases herself from the obligation to be responsible for the actions her clients take, and in return, her clients will be prompted to do more, by the way, she stands up for their vision.

My Q to you:

What holds you back from selling in your business? And what would make it easier?