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What happens if your values are not in Alignment with your business

Uncategorized May 14, 2020

You might know my story,

I choreographed, danced and taught dance for 17 years.

All the decisions I made in my life were based on my heart's desires and my passion. That's how I became a choreographer in the first place, not because it was easy, or because it would make me rich (it didn't).

I just always had this deep inner drive to dance and create.

It was on holiday in Bali, where I read my first book that mentioned 'stop trading hours for dollars' and 'create passive income streams' and all that good stuff. And I saw people running 7-figure businesses and having an insane amount of freedom at the same time.


Something in me changed forever: My Sagittarius heart jumped up and down by the look of that much freedom and profitable impact!


I decided to make a bold move. I closed my dance company, stayed in Bali

In the beginning, I had no idea what to do. I did many online courses and had small success until I hired a coach who branded me as a Money Mindset Expert.

And it worked.

I had my first six-figure year.

Clients loved my messaging.

Yet -and here's where I get scary honest with you.

Something felt off.


I'd lost a part of the passion that I had when I was a dancer.


And although I fully stand behind the belief that money needs to get into the hands of good people... and I do find that changing beliefs around money is key, (it made my income go x4 within a year, and I'm helping others to do the same or better)

I just realized it isn't the real BIG WHY.


It's about so much more than just money.


Having a successful business is about knowing who you really are, what you want to share with the world, and how you serve them.

Business is an inevitable deep spiritual journey.

Letting go of the 'Small Self', is what brings joy and wealth:
let go of the insecurities,
the imaginary walls we built,
the irrational judgments and fears

And start serving from in full Alignment with your PURPOSE.

That realization helped me to dance back into my passion.

I found the core of what I had been doing in my life. As a dancer, as a theatre teacher, as an entrepreneur, it was all the same.

I help others to peel away the layers that cover who they truly want to be. And I teach some pretty Badass Business Strategies (strategies only work when your inner world is in Alignment with them!)

So that you can step into the successful Multiple 6-Figure Business Owner, you know you are meant to be.

Not next year.

Everything you need is right here.

Back to you: Where do your visions not match your business and life reality yet? Let me know and let's uncover together what will take you there!