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Traveling? Make time for your workout, yoga practice or meditation

Uncategorized Jul 05, 2017

It is Summertime!
Time to go traveling and see the world. Finally!
But... how do you stay energized, keep your body in shape, your mind calm and your energy on a high level while traveling?
Does your practice only happen inside the gym?
Can't you get yourself to meditate if you're not in your weekly yoga class?

This one is for you!
I got asked this question by Hanna:
"I find it hard to dedicate time and space for myself to meditate or journal or do yoga given our on-the-road lifestyle. It's a challenge to be consistent in my practice, and I feel tired in the morning. I get about 7.5 hours of sleep on weekdays and could easily sleep another 2 or 3 hours when my alarm goes off. I want to wake up and feel rejuvenated and ready to go."

What Hanna shared with me addresses a couple of things.

First of all, it's about inner motivation.

Second, it is about being able to practice while traveling, to know what your body needs.
You need practical solutions to stay balanced before and after going on a long flight, or to workout in a small hotel room. Or on the grass next to your tent.

Third, you need to bust through the awkwardness of doing a workout in unusual places.

Let's look at that funny thing called 'inner motivation'.

1. Take away the resistance to putting yourself first.
You hear it everywhere right now: Self-care first. And you might think 'yea yea I know that, but I just don't have the time!' Keep reading, again; this one is for you!
Think of this, when you feel energized, emotionally and mentally balanced, your body is fit and strong, how do you see the world around you?
How do you interact with the world around you?
And what consequences does that have for your life?
Of course, if you are nicer to people they are nicer to you. If you are the one to shine and smile and be very attentive to that one business event, it is likely that you are the one making valuable connections. If you are grumpy, tired, and uninterested, people just don't gravitate towards you that much. True?

How you feel influences every part of your life.
That is the first part to realize. Because when you know that, and feel that in every part of your being, you'll find this place of inner motivation. The place where you have no more resistance to your practice, to get up a bit earlier to hit the yoga mat, to meditate or to do qi gong in the park.
Is this easier said than done? Yes! It might be that there is all kind of layers underneath this, from not valuing yourself enough, your mom who was always telling you to work out so much, that you started to resist or just plain old habits that need to be changed.

What to do?
First of all: Catch yourself when you say:
"Yes I know I spend time moving my body every day, but I just don't have the time."

Everything about this sentence is taking your power away.

First of all: get rid of the word 'should.' Second of all, get rid of the phrase 'I just don't have the time.'

Don't even accept the discussion. Self-care is vital to everything else. This kind of arguments is simply your resistance to change.

Decide that you want to feel great in your body and full of energy. Decide to let go of any argument that goes against it. When it comes up: just ssshhh the thought. Don't go with it. Be quiet. And get into action.

2. Now you have a way to combat resistance you need practical tools on what to practice, how to practice and when to practice while traveling.
1. Find a free Yoga / any workout Class on Youtube. When you get up in the morning press play before you even started thinking and do the routine that is being offered. This heart opening yoga sequence is easy to do and your heart and hips will thank you!

2. Find an alternative for your regular practice. Do you do cardio in the gym? Take running shoes on your holiday and replace the cardio machine with a 30-minute run along the beach. Do you fitness machines? Ask the trainer at your gym to show you the equivalent of the exercises without the equipment

3. Swim. If you have a pool in your destination: Swim. Even if it is 10 minutes - swimming is a great exercise for your whole body.

4. See opportunities to move during your day. Take the stairs to your hotel. Go up and down a couple of times. Run up. Dance through the hallway. Climb a tree.

5. Find out what your non-negotiables are. What do you need to stay centered, happy and energized while traveling. Do you need an intense 20-minute workout? A 15-minute meditation? Or a Yoga sequence to keep you grounded? Or a combination of those? Now set a timer in your phone and make sure you take this time for yourself every day.

3.Ditch the awkwardness about doing your practice in a park, on an airport, or other unusual public spaces
You might think that people will be staring at you, or find your weird or start laughing. I've got good news; they really don't care. And if they do they'll be inspired by you. You might even see people who start to move as well!
The human body likes movement, it functions better when it gets a healthy amount of it.

So nothing to feel awkward about.