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To my fellow artists and creatives

Uncategorized Feb 07, 2018

As an artist or creative you do what you love most.
Unlike many people, you have found your passion, your talent, your genius zone.

But what if you could be in a more stable financial situation, could do more of the work you really want to do?
(And say no to these things that you don’t want to do with confidence!)

Do you still
- get offered jobs in exchange for a cup of coffee?
- feel that people do not fully value what you have got to offer?
- see no other way than waiting for the right job to come along, a grand or to keep working with that one side job?

What if I told you that there is a way to build a business around your biggest passion, and you don’t have to do anything anymore what you don’t want to do.

Me, 10 years ago. I graduated from Dance Academy, which was my second bachelor degree. I now was a Teacher in Theatre and a Contemporary dancer. Combined that made me the choreographer I wanted to be.
In the beginning, I looked for jobs. I danced in other peoples performances, I taught classes to dancers and non-dancers al around the globe.
Until I realized that with working in all those different locations, I wasn’t building something. I felt that I needed to bring my love for theatre and dance together and long story short, I founded my own Dance Company.
Since then I have never looked back. I now realize that I became an entrepreneur, but at that time I didn’t even know what that word meant.
Fast forward, an amazing 8 years of running my own Dance Company, I decided to re-invent myself again and take my business online. For the same reason, I needed to change the format of my work in order to live the life I want to live.

And from the moment I embraced the online world to work, and have dived deeper into business and marketing I clearly see how we artists get stuck in thinking that there is only one way.

So what can you do to open up more possibilities for you as an artist (and let's face it, as an entrepreneur)?

1. Share more of what you do
Share more of what you do! By using.. the internet. Artists and creatives work a lot, but don’t show much of the process.

Artists are likely to think that they should only show the outcome of the work.

But what I see now in having a creative online business, is that it is much easier to build an audience if you share more of the process with people. It makes it much easier for them to connect with you.

2. What is the difference you can make in peoples lives?
What can your work mean to people and in what ways can you deliver it to them?

For example, I can teach a theatre workshop, where people will learn to act. But inevitably they will also learn a lot about themselves. So I decided to find ways to create these transformational moments in online workshops.

I can create an impact with making a dance performance, and or I can do it with taking people through an experience in another way.

You don't have to change your artistic work. But can you share more about the process, or have creative ways to grow your impact as an artist?
For example, when you share more, you can teach people something about a creative process. You provide value for them, and so they either support your artistic work, or they could end up paying you for a course or coaching!

3. Success is not absolute, it is contextual.
Point Three is maybe the most important one.


There is this common belief in Artist land, that there are things that you can do that are ’honorable’ and things that aren’t. So, for example, it is a ‘good’ thing to be an artist and exhibit your paintings in a well-known museum because it means you are successful.

But if you teach your art or anything related and change lives in another way, it means you failed as an artist. Which is just total BS if you ask me.
What I realized is that success is not absolute. It is contextual. Yes, if you make a performance that wins an award, that is a success. But that only really gets seen in the context of ‘theatreland’! And if you teach a retreat, where peoples lives have changed after they’ve been.. that is a huge success as well.

There really is no difference.
But for some reason that is for us artists and creatives a hard one to crack.
The moment you open yourself up to more possibilities, when you start to think of how you can bring value to the world with your talents, passions, and skills there is soo much more possible.

Rock on with your bad self if you are kicking it as an artist, awesome. You don't have to do anything else.

But remember success is, what you determine it to be.