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This is what makes me cringe & cry

Aug 14, 2019

This is what makes me cringe & cry:

Business coaches that do not know how to shift limiting beliefs with their clients, but do pretend to know (and then send them off crying into the field and make it about them if they don’t get the results.)

I saw it the other week ...
Coach points out to beautiful talented woman that she is sabotaging her business growth because she is afraid to be richer than her spouse, cause that’d make him leave her. Woman is crying.

Coach says something like: “You just have to move on with it. It’s about time.”

This ís a beautiful insight BUT the response of the coach only shows me her incapacity to truly help this struggling entrepreneur.

This is what will happen: Woman is touched (others in the group think: Oh my such profound work), girl tries to move through her limiting belief, but ‘for some reason’ she can’t really and she keeps disappointing herself and eventually her coach.

What fires me up most is that she’ll start to feel bad about herself. As if she is not good enough. She can’t reach the income goals their coach tells them to hit. But we’re talking LIMITING BELIEFS here.

And… these limiting beliefs are F*king powerful! Nine out of ten times you don’t shift them with a simple: “Oh you are afraid of success, you just need to move through that.” And there’s so many good reasons for our brain to hold on to our beliefs.
They keep us safe.
They keep us sane. We think they’ll keep us from being abandoned and alone. (And who wants to be abandoned and alone!!? right.. good reason to hold on to them!)

So, if you’re reading this and you (have been) working with a coach that was promising results you didn’t get, then stop blaming it on yourself or on the biz strategies they told you to do.

Turn inwards, and find your limiting beliefs.
Now embrace them, be kind and compassionate with yourself and be really proud of the brave work that you’re doing.

Next, embrace the fact that you need some strong and loving guidance (in whatever way or form!) in releasing these deep rooted thoughts and replace them with positive ones. ‘Cause only then can you truly and move through them, and re-write your story.

P.s. If anybody tells you it is not possible to release Limiting Beliefs fully: that’s a Belief - it’s not the truth. You CAN fully release them. (So much that you forget how you've ever felt before).

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