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This is what I did on Ibiza last year

Uncategorized Jun 29, 2020

Last year around this time, I hosted my first Retreat for entrepreneurs on Ibiza.

What I loved most about it (besides spontaneous pool parties and delicious food!!)

I was able to geek out on my multi-passionate self and use dance, theatre, embodiment, energy work, belief work, and business strategy and have it all blend into one potent mix.

In Chinese Medicine it would be said this way:
Energy either Flows or it is Stuck, and we're always looking for the flow.

Sometimes getting unstuck means firing somebody on your team who hasn't been performing well, sometimes it means doing some hip openers and crying your heart out.

It's about finding where the tension is and restoring yin yang harmony in the body, mind, and business.

On the Retreat, here is what we did:

- Partner exercises in Tai Chi explained sensing the energy and the person that comes into your space and responding to that. We learned about boundaries. And internal strength.
- Roaring Kung Fu patterns opened gateways to speak up and speak your truth.
- We wrote monologues and everyone shares their monologue with the group
- We shifted a gazillion beliefs on a deep subconscious level
- We found strength in yoga and discovered the concept of yielding: giving and receiving in balance.
- We connected to the universe and downloaded positive feelings. Because manifesting comes from a place of feeling it first, and then bringing it into life, not the other way around.

What we really did is diving deep and EMBODY the VISION.

And right now I just feel so hungry to do more of this.

Quarantine times have me appreciate this amazing week with @ErikaDevi and all these amazing participants even more.!

My Q to you: Where do you feel your energy isn't flowing?
Is it in the business (for example not enough cash flow)?
Your body (in pain)?
Your emotions (not expressing them)
or Your mind (overthinking, worrying, overactive inner-critic)?

Let me know in the comments, and I’ll help you find a way to restore the flow!