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The ultimate procrastination cure

Uncategorized Aug 14, 2019

“I need accountability…” I hear my client say.

She’s worked in corporate for years and has a beautiful idea for her new business. I’ve been encouraging her to get out there, set up her free live masterclass, interview her ICA, make her first offers and sell them on calls.

“Yes, yes… she tells me..” But the next time we speak nothing has happened.

“My accountability partner went AWOL" she says. She's trying to explain to me why she didn’t take any steps (besides no time, too busy with other things, life gets in the way, etc).

Here’s the deal.

All the accountability partners in the world wouldn’t get her into action.

There is, I know, something else going on why she is not doing the things that would get her resultsBecause the things that are the Needle Movers, are scary!!!

If this is you in any way, what do you feel when I tell you, you need to do all of this today:

  • OUTREACH- Message, email, call people, tell the person next to you in Starbucks about what you do
  • SALES CALLS - Getting people on a call, listening to them and truly finding out what they need, and then offering them to work with you
  • SHOWING UP- Facebook, Insta, LinkedIn... daily!!
  • SPEAKING YOUR TRUTH- We wanna follow, like and buy from REAL PEOPLE, so therefore you gotta say what you really think

Not stopping when you hear a “NO”‘cause you will hear NO… maybe a number of times before you hear "YES YES YES"

Real accountability comes from real action.

Set up your free live masterclass, sell a course that you haven't made yet, get someone on a call. There is someone or a group of people waiting for you, so now is not the time to procrastinate.

And yes, you'll make mistakes, lose a lead because you let her go at the first objection. You'll also have great successes and nightmare moments... but with all of that...

You are moving forward!

You gotta go out there. Dare to get wet. Dare to get sweaty. Dare to Grow Up In Public.

I promise you... it will pay off. 

And while doing it, you will feel ALIVE. 

You got this!

So tell me... where do you circle around the things that could really make your business move forward?

Here is an easy first step: Pour your heart out in the comments (you know it will be such a big relief already -- and you'll find out you're so not alone in this!!)