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The secret to making 7 fig, is to believe it is possible

Uncategorized Aug 04, 2020

"I now am a little closer to believing that I can do this.."

Says one of the participants at the end of last week's "Create Your Unique Method Method" workshop.

And I feel that little tingle in my heart,

because I know the power of this inner shift.

Any vision, dream, or desire starts with at least having a tiny bit of belief that it is possible to make it happen.

Want to make a million dollars??

Believe it is possible.

Want to live in a tropical paradise?

Believe it is possible.

Want to [fill in the blank]

You guessed it: believe it is possible.

Believing it is possible is something else than 100% believing it WILL happen. Your subconscious might not accept that belief right away.

Yet, believing that it is possible, is a belief you most likely can feel.

Here's how to feel it is possible (even if your logical mind isn't on board yet):

  • Find an example of someone who has done what you desire
  • Remind yourself of things you have done that seemed impossible one day
  • Ask yourself: in a universe of infinite abundance, would this be possible?

And consider this:

The things you have manifested already in your life are most probably the things that you had no limiting beliefs around! (they might have seemed impossible to someone else)

They came to you with ease, because you always knew they were a possibility (or even a given).

So to you, dear reader, what do you want to believe in a little more? Let me know in the comments, so that you put it out there and come a little closer!