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The business investments that got me to 6-figures

Uncategorized May 19, 2020


You want to have a multi 6-figure business growing to 7 figures, and ASAP, thank you very much!. You see others becoming successful, and you're still questioning... HOW do I get there? (I mean, very often you even have more experience and education and certainly know as much as they do, right?)

Short answer: you've got to invest, to grow...


But the million-dollar question is: what do you invest in!?


Since I broke the 6-figure mark, I get this question quite often. And I understand. I have been there, and I remember the first 2000 dollar course I bought. I was terrified!!! I don't think I had ever spent that kind of money on any business course before that moment.

Now, what is the terrifying part of investing in something that you know will help you?

  • The fear that it will be 'lost money', aka you invest, but you don't get your value
  • The fear of the unknown, you don't know what will happen when you say yes.
  • The subconscious fear for change and transformation, because human beings don't like change

Here are the best investments I have made in my business

  • A 7K intimate group program (when I had only 1k in my bank account)
  • A High End 1:1 coach to amplify my growth after I hit six figures
  • A 300 dollar photoshoot (and then some shoots after that)

The investments that didn't bring what I had wanted:

  • 5K in FB ads. Not because it didn't work, but because I didn't have the capacity in my team to tweak the ad copy, the landing pages, and the graphics during the launch.
  • A course on CSS: I got lost in learning how to make my website look good, while really, I needed to hire someone to do that for me!

In hindsight, even the not-so-effective business investments weren't money thrown away, because they taught me so much.

But why make the mistakes I made if you can be smarter using my advice?


So let me answer your Million Dollar question: what should I invest in?


  • A 1:1 coach who has walked a mile in your shoes, or understands where you're coming from. Choose someone who inspires you (and use your intuition when selecting your coach!)
  • A photoshoot with a photographer who knows what having an online business means. (Add a stylist if you can afford it!)
  • If you don't get resources from your coach on copywriting, get a course on copywriting. It's essential for your business, and you must have the tools to write your content.

So back to you:

If you had $10.000 to invest in your business today, what would you invest it in? And why?