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She wanted to delete the FB live. This is why I’m glad she didn’t

Uncategorized Aug 14, 2019

She wanted to delete the FB live. This is why I’m glad she didn’t

My gorgeous client C wrote to me "I finally did the FB live, but I forgot everything I had to say! I was a mess, I am going to take it down now!"

Luckily I had just seen her live and the amazing list of comments she got from it. So right away I reached out to her and invited her on a call (my intention: there is no way she is going to delete this beautiful, honest and authentic live.)

There she was, she couldn't stop talking. I could clearly see the fear and her panic rushing through her body. I let her vent (yet asking her not to delete it just yet) and when she calmed down a little bit, I told her what I thought. 

-That the live was gorgeous, honest and it was so inspiring to see her share her journey.

-That I loved that it wasn't perfect because it made me feel she was being real. 

Then I pointed out that we had been working on getting her more real connections with clients. This live had given her 40+ comments, where before she got 1 or 2. People had shared really openly in the comments as well. 

"Yea"she said, "and I got some private messages as well."

OH MY - this live was the best thing she could have done. It helped her to reconnect to her audience (she went through a huge transition and had been out of touch for about 2 years), it helped the women in her group to open up and to get to know the real her.

Finally, after seeing all of this she started to breathe again. Then I said "Look at that woman on the screen. Now remind yourself to be kind to her. She wants to be loved, liked and seen just like we all do. Don't judge her." (It's important to be nice to our digital selves!)

Long story short, she did not delete the live.

Did some people misunderstand the personal story she shared?

Yes, some did. 

Did she lose a couple of people in the group?

Yes, she did. 

But she gained so much more! Two of the people that commented on that live became the first clients in her new business. Which translated into 3K of sales!!!

Now, this brings me to this question:

How confident are you in showing up openly and honestly in your business?

What is holding you back?