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Living your dream life.. is that possible?

Uncategorized Apr 23, 2018

Is that real? Can we really do that?

My short answer:

Hell yes!!

This is how and why it seems difficult or impossible but really isn’t.

The story of the Prince of Sleeping Beauty
One of the first performances I choreographed was inspired on a book. The book is about a Prince who realizes he is The Prince that has to awaken Sleeping Beauty with a kiss. She’s sleeping for 99 years when he has this realization, and in the year that he is searching for her, he writes her a daily letter. Thus, the book consists of 365 letters to Sleeping Beauty.
In one of the letters the Prince describes how he sits down underneath a tree, closes his eyes and sees Sleeping Beauty in his mind's eye. She’s awake, and she is so nearby he could touch her. But when he opens his eyes.. nothing is there.

He writes:

“How can I change the tiny last bit of difference, between that what I imagine to be here, and what is in my reality right now. “

Well said, Prince.

Isn’t that what we ask ourselves every day? How can I get on that holiday I have been dreaming of, how can I get the partner, the career, the project, the.. that I see in my mind's eye but isn’t here yet.

The performance I made based on this book was all about bringing what you imagine into reality - going from thoughts into action. I flipped the story around and set three Sleeping Beauties on stage, which were creating each other and there own reality as they were waiting for the Prince to come and kiss them.

And as lovely as that is in the theatre world... we indeed created everything we imagined with the help of lights, animations, costumes and the language of theatre and dance.
(And we got really impatient, angry and disappointed as well because the darn Prince never showed up.. or maybe he did?)

Well, all that is great in the magical theatre world, but how does this work in the real world?
Can we create our realities?
Breaking the habit of being yourself

In Joe Dispenza’s ‘Breaking the habit of being yourself’ the topic of manifestation is explained in a solid and scientific way. (Highly recommend reading the book!)

When you go into the core of everything that exists (including our bodies and brains) there is only energy. And energy vibrates at a certain frequency.
When you vibrate at a frequency, you attract people, places, and events in your life that vibrate at the same frequency.

This is what we do on a daily basis, with or without knowing it.

So to change it, we need to change ourselves on an energetic and molecular level - which will then attract different events in the external environment.

Yea.. sounds cool but.. really?

Why is this so hard to grasp?
Because we haven’t been taught this, at all!

We believe that reality is as it is and that we are merely victims of what is surrounding us.

Our brains are full of belief systems, that keep our reality the same - every single day.

But how different would it be if you would know in your core that you do influence your reality and that you can change your inner world and therefore change what your external experiences are?

How would you live your everyday life?

What in your life would change?

What would you eliminate from your life and what would you invite more into your life?

How would that make you feel?
Now, this is the key question.
Because you need to feel it before you have it.
It’s not enough to just think it or to feel the desire to have something.
You need to be able to fully imagine it.
You need to think and feel as if the future event has already happened. As if you already have your dream business, your dream house or that long desired year-long travel around the world.

So back to our Prince.
If he imagines Sleeping Beauty in front of him, imagines every detail about her, her hair, her eyes, her smile - he will feel as if she is there already.
When he spends enough time imagining this, basking in the good feeling. He will open his eyes and go out into the world AS IF he has already awakened her with his kiss as if they are already living happily ever after.
His thoughts will be in line with his feeling - what he wants is already in his reality.

This is how to change the last tiny bit of difference between what you’ve imagined and that what is really there.

Thus one day he will meet his Sleeping Beauty.

What is it that you'd like to bring into the world? What would you like to be, do or have?

Let me know what your biggest dreams are. And which ones you have already manifested into reality... and HOW you did it!