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I make an extra 2k a month since doing this...

Aug 14, 2019


I’ll be really honest… 


It’s my Achilles heel (and I know I’m not the only one ). 

The result?

We decide not to hop on a live, because we have a bad-hair-day (we tell ourselves). 

We write a heartfelt post, but decide to not post (or delete) because we see everybody’s wins (compared to them? This win is pretty insignificant) 

We stop ourselves from following up, because what if they say NO?!

A couple of months ago, I decided that despite my urge to “wait until it’s more perfect”, to just do it!

Afraid? Do it anyway!

Too busy? Do it anyway!

Bad hair day? Do it anyway! (and uh… dry shampoo, hello?!). 

Check out the results my clients and I get from the 'I Do it anyway.' mindset-hack:

- $500 in sales after a FB LIVE while I was way too tired - but got an immediate sign up for my program after I did the live from someone who had seen it

- Client J got 4x her revenue in one month by simply following up, even when she thought her prospect had lost interest 

- I flew to from Amsterdam to San Diego to a conference, while I thought I couldn't afford it, and sold $2500 in programs AND got to TEACH ON STAGE

... and so on.

My point?

All those little moments where you are 'in your head' - meaning - you are listening to those voices that keep you from taking action - you stop your business momentum

What can you “JUST DO” today?

What’s that action you’ve been procrastinating on (that thing that would/could massively increase your revenue, or visibility)?

Drop it in the comments, and by tomorrow I’ll ask you if you actually did it? 

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