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I just can’t do this

Aug 14, 2019

"I just can’t do this... " said my amazingly brilliant client with tears in her eyes when I asked her to write down anything that came to mind for 5 minutes, without taking her pen off the paper.

I know, of course, she can do this. But to REALLY dive into the Now, Unprepared, open, and full of curiosity what will come up, can just be freakin' scary. (Like in, jumping off a cliff scary)

It's so interesting to see how we've forgotten to ALLOW CHAOS.

And here’s the THING:

Without a healthy dose of chaos, you can't create.

Without allowing chaos, you will replicate, make things like "Good Girls" do, or you'll do exactly what you think would be expected.

Your biz will stay average

You won't feel completely authentic, because your energy is what 'with is expected' instead of what really lives inside of you.

You will feel unfulfilled.

It's just what we've been taught by our parents and teachers, as they have been taught by their parents and teachers, etc. 

To illustrate...

Not too long ago I taught a workshop about Creative Processes to Primary School teachers. And although they have the best examples around them every day (children are great in creative thinking) - the teachers couldn't do this FREE writing thing.

They just asked me: 

"What is the exercise about?" 

"What is the outcome you want?" 

"The task is not clear!"


It shows so clearly, that that is what we have been taught.

And it is so valuable to be able to be clear, concrete and to the point. But please, leave some space for chaos.

The point of this assignment is to Dive into the Now, to allow Chaos, to get away from Overthinking, to connect to what's real right now.

The only thing you need is a safe and clear container - just set that up in TIME - so literally set a timer - so that you don't feel you'll go off in chaos - everything is possible-land forever and you're good!

All of this made me wonder...

Do YOU feel comfortable to allow CHAOS?

Where do you feel you need to control the outcome that is in the way of your creative flow?

Super curious!

Let me know in the comments!

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