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I feel like I am all on my own

Uncategorized Jun 29, 2020

“My friends and family don't understand where I am going, and I have such a hard time fully believing in my dream-business myself.

For example, when I told my father about the new offers I've created, he frowned and said: "But who's going to pay those kinds of prices???!"

I never forgot Angela's face when she shared this with me. Teary eyes that we're searching to be seen and acknowledged. It touched me deeply, especially since I understood so where she was coming from.

It reminded me of the surprised faces of old colleagues, the crushing feedback on one of my first videos OPENLY on FB from a former theatre teacher, the friends who unfriended me because they were so annoyed by my posts and lives.

For a moment, I wished I could go back to my past-self saying: you're doing great, just keep going. “You're not far from multiple six figures in your independent location business, doing only what you love!”

Having gone through it, made me feel Angela's desire so deep: she wants to make great money doing her soul's work. So that she can live the life that she knows she's meant to live: location independent and fully expressing who she is through her business.

And while doing that, she wants to be surrounded and supported by like-minded people that see what she sees (even though it isn't there yet!).

Is that too much to ask???

Quick answer: No.

Long answer: here is where courage comes in.

It is scary AF

- to speak about things that haven't manifested yet.
- to let go of friendships that might not be aligned with your new self anymore.
- to go out there and find the likeminded people you've been longing for.

Here's what changed it for me:
I knew I needed more guidance from someone who had been in my shoes. Having consistent support from someone that was living the kind of business and lifestyle I want to create in my life would be a game-changer.

And when I found that person online, I reached out to her and I bought her 1:1 package on the spot.

I swear, it wasn't easy. I didn't have to invest in savings, and I didn't guarantee that I'd make it back either.

But I did.

In fact, I made back 7x my investment within months of working with my coach.

So, flash forward, I deeply believe in stepping up and into your future self, even when it feels like a stretch.

I believe in starting before you're ready.

And I believe in working with people that believe in you, even if you don't fully believe in yourself yet.

Have you ever experienced this? And if not, what holds you back?