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"I am so looking forward to paying you"

Aug 14, 2019

"I am so looking forward to paying yousaid my client with a big smile on her face.

(Can you imagine how good that felt?)

Now you've got to know I had been imagining this. 

Every morning I'd been meditating on inviting in clients, that'd be happy to pay my high-end fees. That would have amazing results by working with me. And that would pay me with EASE.

And here she was, with her shining face, telling me so was so looking forward to pay the next instalment on her payment plan. Because it just felt so f*ing good!

Want tons of client that easily and with love pay your high-end fees?


  1. Get clear on how much you want to make this month or quarter.
  2. Brainstorm on the ways that money comes in through your offers and how many sales do you need to make. Or are your launching your group program?
  3. Now sit, be quiet for a while, and when you are RELAXED, go and envision yourself onboarding all these new clients. Envision the sales calls,how they really want to work with you, how they will say YES and pay you with EASE.

This is what got me my first 15K WEEK. 

And it felt darn good.


Drop them in the comments! I'd love to help you do this too!! It's fun!

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