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“I am launching my new online program, but I’m afraid I will be disappointed in the end....

Uncategorized Aug 14, 2019

“I am launching my new online program, but I’m afraid I will be disappointed in the end...." said my Artist client, who's launching for the first time. 

Here is what I said...

"YES, I understand"... IF YOU SAY SO!

"Nobody will come to my live event"... If you say so!

"I can never travel the world and make money at the same time" ...If you say so!

"Artists just don't make a lot of money"... If you say so!

This is what you need to know.

Our limiting beliefs disguise as truths‼️

They put on coats, jackets and glasses and they look formal and important (just like that power-focused officer on the street who loves giving you a ticket because your bike light wasn’t on, or is that just an Amsterdam thing…;

Beliefs are not truths, they’re just beliefs. 

But if you believe in their fancy way of coming at you, you might make them way more important than they are. 

And I don’t blame you at all. 

‘Cause these beliefs have probably been with you for quite some time.

For my beautiful client above, it got planted when she was bullied in school.

When the girls that she wanted to be friends with literally turned their backs when she walked in (and then started giggling and talking about her.)

When she organised a birthday party and no one came.

No surprise that she decided “that she’d be always disappointed” and that “nobody would want to come to her party”

But this was in the way of her filling her programs!!

  • So we shifted these beliefs 
  • Let the kids of the primary school off the hook
  • Forgave them for what they taught her
  • Set the stage for her to fill her programs
  • Her parties 
  • Her bank account. 

Back to you

If you think about it this way... 

Which beliefs are you taking for truths???

And are you ready to shift them?

Leave me a comment - happy to dive into the wonderful world of your beliefs.