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How to own your expertise and position yourself as an expert

Uncategorized Jul 28, 2020

Let's face it.

You love working with your clients, and they get great results. Once you are in front of them, coaching, teaching, doing your magic, everything is great.


It is the Marketing part that trips you up. You don't know how to talk about yourself in a way that feels fun to you, is consistent and magnetizes ideal clients your way.


I get you. I have so been there! (Oh my, I remember the sleepless nights!).

Here is the word that you need:


What you need, my love, is to position yourself as the expert you are.

Because when you do, your potential client doesn't only like you; they also trust you. Which is that last little nudge they need to hand over their credit card and sign up for whatever you put out there!

I hear you saying: sounds great, Relinde, "POSITIONING"...

But how do I do that? And please don't tell me I have to scream how good I am in every social media post... 😳

Here's the answer to that Q:

Positioning is so much more than letting the world know that you are awesome at what you do and how you got there.

Here are three simple (yet profound) steps you need to take:

  1. Own your expert-self and start showing up in your business from that place.
  2. Define your Unique Method and communicate what will happen from the moment they sign up for working with you.
  3. Speak to your audience to help them understand that you get them; you know what their biggest problems are, why it isn't their fault, and how you are going to help them overcome their obstacles.

When you consistently and authentically do all of the above and offer products and services that get your students' results, you will get more clients than you could have dreamed.

Even better: you'll only attract clients that you adore.